Starz president Glenn Curtis will retire from the company effective July 1.

Curtis is a longtime Starz veteran, having spent more than 20 years at the company. According to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday, Curtis will receive a lump-sum payment of $828,750 upon retirement. He will also receive monthly payments based on his current salary from January, 2017 to December, 2017. Those payments are set to equal his monthly base salary, minus any compensation he receives from any other employer.

According to additional SEC filings, Curtis’ total compensation in 2015 was $2.72 million, up 26% from the year prior.

Curtis was named president of Starz in 2012, reporting to CEO Chris Albrecht. He was CFO of Starz Encore Group from 1995 to 2002. He then served as vice president of Starz’s then corporate parent Liberty Media, before returning to Starz as executive vice president and CFO in 2006. He relinquished the CFO title in 2012 with the addition of current CFO Scott Macdonald.

Starz has no plans to fill Curtis’ position. The role is set to be retired.

Curtis, who had been based in the network’s Colorado office, had also served as president of Starz LLC and Starz Entertainment.