‘Star Trek’: Bryan Fuller’s New Series Will Tell Story ‘Like a Novel’

'Star Trek': Bryan Fuller's New Series
Courtesy of CBS

CBS celebrated the 50th anniversary of “Star Trek” in Hall H at Comic Con Saturday, and moderator Bryan Fuller revealed a key detail about his upcoming CBS All Access revival series.

“It’s not going to be episodic,” Fuller said, noting that there have been 772 episodes of various “Star Trek” series. “We’re going to be telling stories like a novel.”

All five “Star Trek” series have been episodic in nature, featuring episodes whose stories were largely self-contained. Fuller’s comment indicates that the series will feature longer, ongoing storylines, along the lines of more contemporary telsevision drama series. That model, he said, will fit the show’s position as the first original series for CBS’s streaming service.

“Because it’s on CBS All Access, you’re not going to miss anything, because it’s right there at your fingertips,” Fuller said.

Fuller fittingly asked asked William Shatner — joined onstage by Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Jeri Ryan, and Scott Bakula — how important is “Star Trek” canon?

“It’s essential,” Shatner said. “It’s the basis of law and order. It’s the basis of civilization.”

Fuller then asked Shatner whether, if he could undo Captain Kirk’s death, he would want to tell continuing stories of the character. Shatner responded “Hell yes.”

The bulk of Fuller’s questions for the panel of stars from previous series were related to the broader theme running through “Star Trek” of inclusion.

“I think Star Trek in general has been about about individual rights and about respecting everyone, no matter who or what the are,” Spiner said. He added, “A lot of our politicians and our fellow citizens could take a page from ‘Star Trek’ and have a bit more respect for each other and for all of us.”

A teaser at the end of the panel revealed that the new series will be titled “Star Trek: Discovery.”