South Park” is known for its timely, parodied coverage of hot topics and pop culture, but this may win the race — the presidential race, that is.

Tonight’s episode of “South Park” has been quickly re-written to reflect the shocking outcome of last night’s presidential election, which saw Donald Trump become the president-elect over Hillary Clinton, which has now been called the biggest election upset in U.S. history.

Like the majority of the media, the “South Park” writers assumed Clinton would take the White House, so Wednesday’s episode was originally supposed to feature that storyline. The episode that was scheduled, prior to last night’s turn of events, was titled “The Very First Gentleman” and was set to cover the election results. You can see the full logline for the original episode here on Comedy Central’s site.

Now, the episode has been re-worked. It’s now called “Oh Jeez.”

In a preview for “Oh Jeez” (which you can watch below), the characters are discussing the new president, and while Trump is not named, the dialogue points to his campaign slogan.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I sure am excited. America’s going to be great again,” says the “South Park” character in the clip, then asking his kids, “Aren’t you excited, gang?” His daughter replies, “No, I’m not excited. It sucks, Dad! This county’s going to suck for four years.” Then, the cartoon brings on a sobering analysis with one line: “Oh, come on, Shelly. We’ve learned that women can be anything — except for president.”

The preview video was promoted on “South Park’s” Twitter account today with the trending hashtag #TheMorningAfter.

A spokesperson for the network tells Variety that while the turnaround for tonight’s Donald Trump-esque episode is quick, the writers always work on every episode up until the day it airs.

Watch the preview of tonight’s “South Park” episode here: