Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer, Billie Lourd, Niecy Nash and Glen Powell are all confirmed to return to the second season of Fox’s “Scream Queens,” but Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology series is kept so tightly under wraps, even Powell doesn’t know exactly who he’s playing.

Powell is, of course, returning as Chad Radwell — who, in the first sorority-set season, was the fratty-ist of the fraternity brothers on the murder-filled campus — but the actor hasn’t been clued in on his storyline yet.

“To be honest with you, I saw Brad [Falchuk] at his birthday the other day the day before I left for Texas, but I have not talked to Brad about it at all so all I know is that it’s at some sort of mental institution,” Powell told Variety during a recent interview for his upcoming Richard Linklater film “Everybody Wants Some!!” which debuted this past week in Austin at SXSW.

Days before the Texas festival, Powell’s “Scream Queens” cast had a panel at PaleyFest during which they all first learned about their character’s plans for Season 2, but since Powell was out of town for the L.A. event, he never found out about Chad Radwell 2.0.

“That is so typical of those guys. They’re all about the drama. The rumors that they spread on set kind of add a little bit of dramas. I love Ryan and Brad. They’re just hilarious,” Powell said with a laugh about Murphy and Falchuk first revealing plot details to the cast during PaleyFest in front of a live audience, before adding, “Will you tell me what my character is?”

In the second hospital-set season of “Scream Queens,” Curtis’ character Dean Cathy Munsch, who abolished the college Greek system in the first season, will run the hospital. The Chanels (Roberts, Breslin, Lourd) have been committed to the mental institution and Zayday (Palmer) is training to become a doctor. Three new male doctors will be added to the cast. (For more detailed Season 2 character descriptions, click here.)

Though his storyline remains a mystery, whatever Chad Radwell is up to, Powell says he’s certain he’ll continue to provide the comic relief.

“The beauty of that character is he’s not really a character that fits into the plot necessarily — he’s just a guy who’s there to make you laugh so that’s why I kind of love him so much,” Powell explained. “There’s no real plot pressure. There are very few plot scenes that you need to cloud your brain with. Chad was just there for fun and it just worked because it’s so well-written.”

The new season is moving to L.A. from New Orleans, as the show nabbed California film incentive tax credits. Powell says he loved being away for the first run because “there’s kind of a summer camp aspect of filming on location,” but he’s excited to relocate. “I love that we got the tax right for Season 2 because now that everybody knows each other, we can be in our own backyard to shoot a show, but I do like the fact that we did Season 1 away because you’re all in the same boat together. You’ve got to swim together or you all drown.”

As Season 2 approaches, whatever waters Powell gets thrown into, one thing’s for sure: “Whatever Chad is doing in this hospital is probably a little bit perverted,” he quipped.