Saturday Night Live” made sure to take aim at the latest controversy involving Donald Trump, with an opening sketch that portrayed the Republican presidential candidate as a bumbling misogynist who could not understand why his recent remarks might cause offense.

“Are you not entertained?” said the show’s version of Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, speaking on a satirical broadcast of CNN.

The show used the current political cycle as well as the Friday-night disclosure that Trump had made a raft of lewd statements about forcing himself on women as grist for a good chunk of the broadcast. Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon visited “Weekend Update” to play two undecided voters who made fun of both sides of the race. Kate McKinnon drew blood in a taped segment portraying Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on her day off. And host Lin-Manuel Miranda stopped a musical number that was part of his monologue to tell a picture of the real Trump that he’d never be President.

But the opening sketch was the spark to the night. When the faux CNN anchor asked the fake Trump why he uttered such remarks, he threw himself at viewers’ mercy: “What normal, red-blooded American doesn’t want to impress the Billy Bush?”

Viewers might have been forgiven for thinking “SNL” was going to avoid the topic altogether. In the first few seconds of this week’s broadcast, “Saturday Night Live” appeared ready to lampoon the recent vice-presidential debate. Within seconds, however, the show cut into that sketch with a mock CNN breaking-news report featuring cast member Cecily Strong reprising her impression of that network’s Brooke Baldwin, who (according to her Instagram account) was present at the broadcast Saturday evening.

To drive its point home, the mock CNN broadcast then switched to an interview with McKinnon playing Hillary Clinton, dancing with staffers to the Kool and the Gang song “Celebration” and sipping champagne.

“I’m sorry, Brooke, I didn’t see you. We were so busy preparing for the debate tomorrow,” said Clinton. Asked if Trump should drop out of the race, Clinton responded:”No! No! No! Give him a shot!”