SAG-AFTRA’s national board has approved by acclamation a tentative agreement on a new master contract covering commericials work, triggering a ratification vote by the membership.

The board made the annnouncement following its two-day meeting. The performers union and the ad industry jointly announced the tentative agreement on April 3.

The multi-year contract will go into effect if approved by the members. Ballots will be sent to the 160,000 members of the performers union.

The contract covers about $1 billion in annual wages for performers. SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris said on April, “The tentative agreement delivers essential gains while properly positioning us for future growth in digital and social media. As content evolves, we are poised to grow work opportunities that support members and their families.”

Performers are continuing to operate under terms of the current three-year contract, which had a March 31 expiration date but has been extended.

The national board maintained it penchant for secrecy Sunday and did not release any details of the proposed contract,  its expiration date, the date that ballots will be sent out membership or the identity of members on the negotiating committee — other than co-chairs Carteris and Sue-Anne Morrow. The union’s negotiating committee discussed possible contract proposals in a series of required members-only meetings between October and December.

SAG-AFTRA also said that National Executive Director David White discussed “continued progress” toward merging the separate SAG and AFTRA health and retirement plans — but gave no further details. Members voted in March, 2012, to merge SAG and AFTRA with pro-merger advocates asserting that a merger would enable to plans to merge and alleviate the problem of members not qualifying for coverage because of split contributions.

Secretary-Treasurer Jane Austin and CFO Arianna Ozzanto presented the projected budget for the fiscal year ending April 30, 2017, and indicating that it is expected to yield a larger surplus compared to the current fiscal year budget due to increased revenue.

The meeting took place less than three weeks after the March 23 death of President Ken Howard. Carteris was named his successor on Saturday.

The board also passed by acclamation a motion to name the Membership Services Center in the Los Angeles national headquarters the Ken Howard Membership Center, and to rename the New York Board Room the Ken Howard New York Boardroom.

The board also approved the re-establishment of the Howard Keel Award, which honors members from locals outside of New York and Los Angeles who have given extraordinary service to the union and its members.