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Ryan Lochte, never one to hold his breath (unless he’s underwater, of course), opened up to his fans in an Instagram post on Wednesday, following a dramatic moment being rushed by protesters on Monday’s “Dancing With the Stars.”

“I want to thank my family, girlfriend, friends and fans for being so supportive of me after the incident on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Monday night,” Lochte penned.

“I have gotten so much love from everyone on the show, including my partner Cheryl (Burke), my fellow competitors, the producers, the security team and its fans,” he continued.

The swimmer concluded his statement by expressing his appreciation for being on the show, and promised to do his best.

Lochte’s statement addresses the “Dancing With the Stars” incident on Monday when he and his dancing partner Cheryl Burke were ambushed after their performance to the song “Call Me Irresponsible.”  The fiasco resulted with two protesters being arrested, not to mention a room filled with dropped jaws.

The protesters were not shown on camera, but were later identified as Sam Sotoodeh and Barzeen Soroudi.

Lochte has been under fire following this summer’s 2016 Rio Olympics after it was discovered that he fabricated a story about being robbed at gunpoint.