Never one to show fear, Ricky Gervais attempted the most celebrity impressions in 30 seconds on last night’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Also, never one to take things too seriously, Gervais did every single impression in a high-pitched version of his own British accent.

Fallon raised the issue that, while many Hollywood actors change their accents depending on the role, Gervais tends to consistently sound exactly like himself.

“The reason I don’t do accents isn’t that I can’t, it’s that I can’t be bothered,” Gervais tries to explain. “I’m a brilliant impressionist.”

Apparently Gervais has been spending a lot of time on the Internet, gaining inspiration from people who attempt a lot of impressions in a short amount of time. Fallon, himself, has a regular segment on his show where he asks singers to impersonate other artists.

“You see those things on YouTube of people doing 20 impressions in 20 seconds. I can do that,” Gervais said. “I can do it better than them.”

Fallon starts the clock, and calls out “Robert De Niro,” but calls a false start upon hearing Gervais’ apparent disregard for the whole premise of what an impression is. But Gervais pretends to not understand, and goes on to try out Kim Kardashian, Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and others before Fallon declares the gag “a world record.”