SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve seen Season 2, Episode 12 of “Fear the Walking Dead,” titled “Pillar of Salt.”

“Pillar of Salt” helped answer probably the biggest question of the season: how are our scattered survivors going to reunite? The answer: the supermarket run by the gang.

Nick has had run-ins with the people running and trading out of the supermarket in the past, but relationships between the store and the colonia are reaching a boiling point. After a deserter, someone who regularly delivered the meds to the gang, gets caught fleeing by the supermarket crew, Nick and Luci are forced to figure out a solution. The two look to Alejandro, whose faith seems to be wavering as people continue to desert, and he tells them not to take the oxy to the market despite Nick’s pleas that they need to for their water supply. Nick makes a plan to go and trade with the gang behind the back of Alejandro.

(A quick sidenote on Alejandro: It’s unclear where the whole “immune” to zombie bites thread with him is going but the fact that everyone there isn’t more interested in him surviving a bite is becoming more and more ridiculous.)

At the hotel, things are going swimmingly. People are planting food, walls are being built, Alicia is learning to surf, but all good things (no matter how short) must come to an end. Said end comes when the mother-of-the-bride, Ilene, stabs Strand without much ceremony or reason. He survives the stabbing but, for obvious reasons, needs some medicine. All the pharmacies have been picked clean but Elena knows a place, so her and Madison head out for the supplies.

The place Elena knew about turns out to be the same supermarket the colonia has been trading with. The two trade fresh-caught fish and ice for Strand’s medicine and while they’re waiting, they hear a man being interrogated. One of the colonia deserters is being questioned about the oxy and brings up “a Gringo with ratty hair” as one of the people who delivers them. This gets Madison’s attention and she nearly gets herself and Elena killed by barging into the room and demanding to be told about the boy with ratty hair. She doesn’t get any info and despite incredibly rude manners, still gets the meds for Strand.

Back at the hotel, Elena delivers the meds for Strand and all seems to be good until the entire building lights up like a Christmas tree, thanks to the generator that was fixed earlier in the episode. Alicia heads to the roof and finds her mom. Alicia points out that the lights being on at night is going to attract all the bad people Madison and everyone else were trying to avoid. Madison tries to explain that the lights are for Nick to see and find his way here, which leads to the much-anticipated confrontation between mother and daughter. Alicia can’t understand, and rightfully so, why Madison is always so focused on Nick, especially when he chose to be on his own over being with them while Alicia chose her mom.

The talk seems to work and Madison turns off the power… but not before Travis, who is outside the city and apparently traveling alone, sees the lights and starts heading in that direction.