‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Pablo and Jessica’

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve seen Season 2, Episode 9 of “Fear the Walking Dead,” titled “Pablo & Jessica.”

It’ll be curious to see how the showrunners plan on reuniting “Fear the Walking Dead’s” fractured group, because at this point, it certainly seems like they may be opting not to do that at all.

This week’s episode picks up the threads for both Madison/Alicia/Strand’s story as well as Nick’s. On the first front, the central part of the episode is getting the walkers out of the hotel so they can turn it into a home. After Madison is reunited with Alicia (Ofelia is still MIA and apparently took the survivors’ truck), she and Strand decide to go to the hotel guests still living there for help clearing the dead. Oscar, the leader of the guests and the groom of the ill-fated wedding at the hotel, agrees to help despite his mother-in-laws protests.

After spending an entire day clearing one of the 17 floors in one of the three buildings, Madison and Alicia realize this will take weeks. Alicia, becoming ever the shot-caller of the group, comes up with a plan to lure the infected out onto the pier and over the edge to let the riptide deal with them. In miraculously dull fashion, the plan goes off without a hitch. The survivors split into three groups, each luring their infected to the pier. Madison takes over and does her best Pied Piper impression while Alicia heads down to a boat. Once everyone is in position, Madison leaps from the pier and swims to the safety of the boat while the dead follow and disappear in the waves.

After their victory, the guests and Madison’s group have a celebratory feast. Oscar isn’t there and they learn that one infected remains in the hotel: Oscar’s bride. Strand goes looking for Oscar and finds him outside the door of a room. The two bond over their lost loves –Jessica for Oscar and Abigail for Strand — and then Oscar agrees to let Strand kill what used to be his wife.

Over near Tijuana, Nick is still trying to redeem himself for botching the trade with the group who runs the grocery store. He comes up with a plan to extend the amount of meds they have to trade with the gang by cutting them with powdered milk. Alejandro agrees to help and the two do their best Walter White and Jesse Pinkman impressions. While they work, Alejandro reveals more about his bite. He was apparently trying to help someone, another junkie in fact, when it happened. Luci brought him back to the Colonia to die, but it never happened. Despite the story, Nick still has trouble believing Alejandro didn’t turn because of the strength of his faith.

Before Nick and Luci head out to deliver the meds, Luci gets the bad news that Pablo, her brother, was finally found… in pieces. Nick comforts her on their trip, which goes off without a hitch as well. Back at the Colonia, Alejandro gives Nick a home to stay in (he had apparently been sleeping in the infirmary this whole time), so with a new roof over his head, Nick sets out to start to learn Spanish so he can talk to more than just Luci and Alejandro. He doesn’t get too far before Luci arrives. She helps him with his studies and as she’s leaving, Nick asks about her testing him when they first met. Luci doesn’t respond, but instead walks over and kisses Nick.

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