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SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve seen Season 2, Episode 13 of “Fear the Walking Dead,” titled “Date of Death.”

It turns out a lot more people than just Travis saw the hotel lights when Madison powered the place up last week. By the time he arrives, there are already dozens of people begging to get in. The hotel survivors let Travis in when Madison spots him and when she asks, he tells her why he came without Chris.

What it boils down to is Travis finally seeing his son as the terrifying, remorseless person he has become. After shooting the farm owner Travis, Chris, Brandon, and Derek have to deal with James’ gunshot wound to the leg. Travis stitches the entry and exit wounds and then pulls Chris aside. He isn’t a fan of Chris getting closer with the three newcomers, calling them savages. Chris says if they are savages, than he is too. Chris seems to have skipped a few steps between mass confusion from the beginning of a zombie apocalypse and the whole “this is the way the world is now” speech. It’s also a bit odd that he considers Brandon, James, and Derek such good friends after only two days.

After a week on the farm, Brandon says it’s time to head out. Travis says it’s too early to be moving James, but the wounded bro says he’s fine… at least until they get him in the truck bed and they start down the road. The group barely makes it down the gravel driveway before James passes out from the pain. Much to Brandon’s disapproval, they have to stay on the farm.

The next night, Travis walks in on Chris, Brandon, and Derek discussing killing James. Travis is appalled, which is becoming a much more common emotion around Chris. He ends up taking a gun and locking himself in the barn with James. After a few days, Chris comes in with some food and to talk. He says he’s worried what Brandon and Derek will do to him if this is how they treat one of their oldest friends. Travis says they will figure it out and hugs Chris, who holds him tight and yells for the two boys to run in. They wrestle Travis to the ground and hold him at gunpoint. Despite begging for his life, James takes a bullet to the head from Brandon.

That morning, Brandon, Derek, and Chris hop in the truck to leave. Travis, who wasn’t invited, tries to talk his son out of it, but he’s too far gone. He watches until the truck, and Chris, disappear from view. He hangs around the farm long enough to bury James and then head off on foot. He wanders, aimlessly looking for the ocean, until he finds it. That same night, he sees the hotel lit up and starts heading that way.

Travis’ story affects Madison, especially when he says he can’t stop thinking about all the things he never told Chris, and she heads off to find Alicia. She apologizes for the way she has treated her for years and then drops a bomb. Alicia and Nick’s dad didn’t die in a car accident but rather a suicide. Alicia protests, but Madison says there was a note in the glove box.

“I love you all, but enough’s enough,” it read.

The hotel survivors had to let the people in because they were starting to pile up. Despite that, more people continue to show up. The most recent to show up at the gate? Brandon and Derek, but again no Chris.