Imagine going in for a big network lead role having never auditioned before. Ever.

Despite having 50+ movie credits to her name, Priyanka Chopra says she never had to go through the nerve-wracking process, until she tried out for “Quantico.”

Clearly she did something right, landing the lead in the ABC drama, which enters its sophomore season this weekend.

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Chopra says her beauty pageant pedigree helped open many doors for her.

“I guess that’s how it’s done here,” the Indian-born actress joked on “Good Morning America” Friday. “Because I ended up being Miss World — I’m just casually putting that out there, in 2000 –so people kind of knew who I was and [I] was cast in movies because it made sense. And then I just ended up doing a lot of them because I guess I was decent at my job.”

But Hollywood proved to be quite different than Bollywood.

“I had never been in a sterile room with seven people sitting there and had to perform,” Chopra recounted of her audition. “It was such a weird thing for an actor to do. I mean, I can make a complete idiot out of myself in front of 80,000 people on stage, but that is a moment which is like, my hands are getting sweaty thinking about it.”

Watch the clip below to hear more about her audition for the role of Alex Parrish.

Before acting, Chopra also had a singing career.

Other Miss World contestants who have become actors include Chopra’s countrywoman Aishwarya Rai (Miss World 1994) and Halle Berry (5th runner-up, Miss World 1986).

Season 2 of “Quantico” premieres this Sunday at 10/9c on ABC.