Pretty Little Liars” returns Tuesday night with its much-anticipated five-year time jump on the newly-rebranded Freeform network, introducing avid fans to an all-new world when the Liars return to Rosewood.

The new episodes will bring about new romances, new characters and a new baddie — the ultimate villain in “Uber A,” or as creator Marlene King calls it, “what we have been waiting for.”

“When they get together, they realize there are things about each other that they don’t know, but also once they’re together in Rosewood, very familiar old habits seem to fall on them. It’s easy to fall back into old habits,” King told Variety, teasing what’s to come between the girls in the new episodes.

King also teased the new love interests for the Liars (and the boys of Rosewood), including an update on Emison, Ezria and Hanna’s engagement. For more on the “PLL” romances of Season 6B, click here.

In an interview conducted before the holidays, King revealed to Variety how things have changed in Rosewood and offered clues to identify “Uber A.”

How long has the time jump plan been in the works? 
Once we realized that we were going seven seasons, as opposed to five, that’s when we started to talk. That was probably around middle of season three, so it’s been in the works for a couple of years. Just in terms of telling the story, it felt like this was the best time to do it.

What were some of the challenges you’ve faced with the time jump?
We weren’t expecting what we’d have to overcome. We didn’t have any downtime in the writers room with the [midseason finale] episode with our “big A” story and the premiere episode. We had to shift the way we wrote those characters overnight. It was really a lot of learning on the fly — how would Hanna (Ashley Benson) talk five years later and things like that. The Liars really helped us with that because the characters are their new age so we really worked together to craft their new voices and new attitudes toward it.

How are you hoping viewers will react to the time jump?
Just based on the few pictures that have been released, the reaction is very exciting. The girls look all grown up, they look edgier. Our audience has grown up. For six seasons, they were 17 and 18 years old. Now, this is more what life looks like for the majority of our audience’s age. The Liars are excited about it.

How would you describe the relationship between the five girls now? A lot has changed.
There are secrets. They’ve remained friends, but their college lives and career lives have kept them apart, but they’ve stayed in touch in the way everybody stays in touch in modern times — through texting and phone calls and Face-timing and social media.

Now that “A” has been revealed, where do we go from here? What will be the interaction with Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) and the girls?
I think that the premiere episode answers a lot of the questions. That’s all I can say. The premiere episode is almost like a pilot. It feels like a brand new show in so many ways, these 30 episodes, and it’s exactly the way the pilot launched “Pretty Little Liars.”

Who is in the casket in the Season 6B promo?
It’s a good question. And I can’t tell you, but it’s obviously not one of the people that you see in that photo — so it’s somebody else.

Even though “A” is revealed, there’s someone else out to get the Liars. When will we meet this new Big Bad and have we met them before?
An event occurs in the premiere episode, and that event really inspires the motivation of this new “Uber A.”

After this interview, King took to Twitter to share that we will in fact meet “Uber A” by the end of season seven with the “Uber A” storyline starting in season 6B. She tweeted, “Technically I was supposed to say ‘the new big bad’ but let’s get real, it’s ‘Uber A.'”