Freeform confirmed this week that “Pretty Little Liars” will end after Season 7 — which returns in April 2017 with the show’s final 10 episodes — but creator Marlene King still wants the world of Rosewood to live on.

“I would say, probably to make myself feel better about the show coming to an end, we’re very open to finding ways to keep these characters alive,” King told Variety and other reporters on a conference call this morning when asked about the possibility of a “Pretty Little Liars” movie. “I hope that down the line, we find a way to bring all the girls back together again. It’s such a fun world to play in that we’re always keeping that option open.”

Although King isn’t ruling out the possibility of a “Pretty Little Liars” movie, when Variety spoke with Freeform exec Karey Burke earlier this week, she squashed those rumors — for now.

“Oh no, this is really the end,” Burke said in an interview conducted on Monday, discussing the decision to end the hit series.

“I think the reason there has been speculation is because I think the people involved love doing the show. It’s not a show that really anybody wanted to leave or wanted to end,” Burke said. “As much as there’s a lot of wishful thinking and speculation surrounding anything like this, this has been the understood and agreed-upon natural finishing point.”

While there are no plans for a “PLL” movie right now, King said the series finale will serve as a mega-episode: “I will say that the last episode will be treated like a two-hour movie.”

No matter what the show’s future is, King knows one thing for certain: the final 10 episodes will satisfy fans.

“The next 10 are emotionally the most powerful 10 we’ve ever had,” King insisted. “The actresses are having so much fun with how deep they get to go with these final 10 episodes. They’re just having so much fun because their characters are so layered. We really put them through the wringer.”

Teasing what’s to come in the back half of the season, she added, “We continue to be deadly and dangerous and super romantic.”

For viewers wondering why the series is coming to an end now, King said it all came down to the creative process.

“I think creatively, I always knew what these last 10 episodes would be — just not necessarily when they would be,” she said. “This conversation really started in Season 5 — all of us as a team, myself and the Liars and the network. We all came out with the conclusion that we want to go out on a high… and it just felt organically right and creatively to all of us. It felt like the right time and the right way to do it.”