This post contains spoilers for the “Preacher” Season 1 finale, titled “Call and Response.” To refresh your memory of where we left off, read last week’s “Preacher” recap.

Annville was getting ready for the arrival of God, forming round-the-corner lines to pamper themselves and look their best. But Sheriff Root had some business to attend to first. Apparently, although not explicitly seen in the episode, Custer and Cassidy got semi-caught on their Miles-burying expedition. Cassidy ended up in the custody of Sheriff Root in the local jail, and it looked like Root had finally wised-up to Cassidy’s vampire status — using that information to indulge in some controversial interrogation tactics to find out about Eugene’s whereabouts, shooting Cassidy and feeding him blood to regenerate in a painful loop.

Unsurprisingly, Cassidy soon started to push Root’s buttons, banking on the fact that Root had some pent-up anger. When Cassidy pushed too far, digging into Root’s resentment of his son and using the term “arseface” to describe Eugene, Root lost it and emptied six bullets into him, which proved what Cassidy was trying to point out – that nobody is perfect. Finally, Root let him go.

Custer, on the other hand, ended up at Donnie’s. Custer had shown Donnie mercy so, in turn, when Custer was on the run, Donnie returned the favor and let him stay at Donnie’s home. Tulip came to his rescue but discovered that there was nothing to fret about after all. Custer finally apologized to Tulip for being such an ass, and Tulip kind of accepted his apology — but she also popped open the trunk of her car and – surprise! – there’s Carlos. In order for Custer to truly get back into Tulip’s good graces, she decided he needed to kill their nemesis.

So, what’s the deal with Carlos? Glad you asked. Carlos was once Custer and Tulip’s partner, of sorts. He was their lookout during a bank heist in Dallas. But halfway through the heist, jealous of Custer and Tulip’s camaraderie and happiness, he untied the bank security guard and rode off with the money. Tulip was pregnant at that time and lost the baby, so yeah, Custer and Tulip have a lot to be angry about. He screwed them over and since has been living the high life in Albuquerque.

But Custer, despite having killed people in the past, got a jolt of morality — mostly because killing Carlos would send him and Tulip to Hell. But Tulip didn’t care about the consequences, since Carlos took everything from them. Although Custer made it very clear that, no matter what they did, their baby wasn’t coming back, Tulip had made her choice – someone had to pay. Instead of killing him, however, they settled on giving him a head start before they attacked (read: run him over with their car), leaving him alive but disfigured.

As if that wasn’t dramatic enough, God came to Annville! Donnie and Betsy helped Custer and Tulip get to the church in time. Custer began his sermon with the Heaven phone in front of him, and started to dial Heaven. As he put the hand on the phone, we heard a very clear dial-up tone, and after a brief lull, the sun went out and the church went dark. Then a golden flash emerged from the phone (in a very B-movie projector-like manner) and God appeared – resembling our traditional expectations for the Man Upstairs: an older white man with a full beard, and quite a mane, too. “I am the Lord, your God,” he declared, “Why have you called me?”

Custer told him that they had questions. And so began a spirited interrogation from the parishioners. Quincannon brought things to a halt by asking about his “little Lucy Lou,” and whether or not she was in Heaven, to which God answered that she was.

Then it was Custer’s turn. “What is your plan for me?” he asked. God answered: to tend to his flock. God then told the church that everyone was saved, even Eugene. The crowd erupted in joy, but Custer derailed the celebration by confessing that he sent Eugene to Hell, telling God that he did it with Genesis, something that God shrugged off. Custer then asked the most pressing question – whether or not their visitor truly was God. Surprise, apparently the answer was “No.” The real God went missing!

The crowd was shellshocked; Quincannon urged Custer to denounce God.

The world reacted in many different ways to the news that God was gone. Some killed themselves, others killed each other, general disaster ensued, and Quincannon made himself a meat daughter clothed in ski gear – extra creepy. To make matters worse, the meat processing plant’s methane reactor finally exploded, taking the town of Annville with it — except for the blonde Seraphim. Unfortunately, she was then killed by The Cowboy, who successfully made it back onto our plane and is now on the hunt for Preacher.

Custer’s new plan? Find God and kick his ass.

Also worth noting: Fiore returned from Hell without DeBlanc. Gasp!

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