This post contains spoilers for “Preacher” season 1, episode 8, titled “El Valero.” To refresh your memory of where we left off, read last week’s “Preacher” recap.

We start off this week’s episode with an existential predicament. We get a glimpse of Odin Quincannon’s past, his family tragically destroyed in a freak ski-lift accident. When he received the remains of his family he pried the boxes open and realized that what’s left is only meat, not spirit or soul, meat that he can’t distinguish from cow innards. He urges Preacher Custer (Jesse’s father) to denounce the Lord. Quincannon’s starting to make more sense now.

Meanwhile in Annville, Texas…

The present day Quincannon and his Meat Men barge into Custer’s church, finding nothing but a hole in the middle which Custer dug to find Eugene. The Meat Men arrive but initially get owned by Custer and have to come up with a Plan B. But Custer’s a good shot, dismembering (pun intended) one of Quincannon’s men and, with the extra help of a Molotov cocktail, fends them off. Have to hand it to you Custer, you’re getting incredibly impressive.

Now the only thing that’s missing is seeing him in action with Tulip — they’d probably be unstoppable. The standoff turns into a tailgate, the town hustling to catch a view as Custer holds down the fort and protects his church. Just serves to prove the sheer lack of entertainment in Annville. Unfortunately for us, aside from a few bits of excitement, this would-be-epic showdown is a little bland, unaided by long takes. But fear not, this must mean there’s something much bigger in store. Fingers crossed.

Custer had urged God to bring Eugene back — although, let’s be real, it’s Genesis that’ll be doing the bidding. Eugene comes back and it must not easy to get out of hell, which according to Illusion Eugene is both crowded and a lot closer than we know.

Meanwhile, Custer calls out for DeBlanc and Fiore — figuring that they’re the right people to help Eugene come back. But according to DeBlanc and Fiore it’s almost impossible to bring someone back from hell. They need Genesis first and then they can get to rescuing Eugene. Custer has gotten pretty attached to his power though, so he pouts and complains. DeBlanc brings up a good point: what good has Custer done with this incredible power? That shut you up, didn’t it, Custer?

In a rather simple transaction, DeBlanc sings Genesis a lullaby and Genesis exits Custer and enters its tin can domicile. But it bursts from the can and re-enters Custer. So now DeBlanc and Fiore are moving onto their second option, which if you remember is dismembering Preacher.

In a curious twist, Donnie Schenck separates himself from the Meat Men and heads over to his car, pops the trunk and shoots himself while harbored by the hood of the trunk. Or at least, that’s what it looked like. Instead, he shoots inside the trunk blowing his eardrums so he can’t hear Custer and therefore can’t be affected by Genesis. That’s some serious commitment right there. He then enters the church and takes Custer hostage for Quincannon who tries to force Custer to sign over the church land. Custer asks for one more Sunday to bring God to the town where he will denounce him — that perked Quincannon’s ear. But Custer obviously has something up his sleeve.

Before you leave:

Tulip got a dog, but just when you start to think it’s to supplant the loneliness she feels at Custer’s absence from her life, she feeds the dog to an unknown entity in her room. Cassidy, we see you…

In a few episodes so far, we’ve seen the alarm go off at the meat processing plant. It seems as though the temperature rises and hits dangerous levels very often…thoughts?

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