This post contains spoilers for “Preacher” Season 1, episode 6, titled “Sundowner.” To refresh your memory of where we left off, read last week’s “Preacher” recap.

This week’s installment finally reveals some incredibly important information about Custer and his current predicament. If you’re familiar with the “Preacher” comics, we meet Genesis within the first few pages. But for AMC’s adaptation, it took a little bit longer to find out that Genesis is the semi-evil spawn of Heaven and Hell, the “child” of an angel and a demon – a singular force that can shift the balance of power and threaten all human creation – and that’s what’s inside him. It really puts Custer’s behavior into perspective.

But DeBlanc and Fiore aren’t the only ones after Genesis. Enter the Seraphim – the highest order of angels. DeBlanc and Fiore are Adelphi – those in charge of keeping watch over Genesis, the custodians. But remember how DeBlanc and Fiore can just reappear after they’re killed (aka re-invigoration)? Seraphim can do the same. While holed up in the Sundowner Motel, the Seraph finds DeBlanc, Fiore and Custer (who is starting to come to his senses, slightly) and attacks them, trying to free Genesis from Custer. But on every kill there’s a new DeBlanc, Fiore and the Seraph – so we end up with a body count to rival a sports stadium – all while Custer is left unscathed. But the key is to not kill, otherwise the angels just reappear.

But after all that, Custer is keeping Genesis. He’s selfish, if you think about it; he only wants Genesis because it has brought success to his church, and helping people seems secondary to how accomplished he feels from the act of helping them. He’s decided that he’ll only answer to God at this point.

Eugene’s storyline is finally getting some airtime this week, too. The poor kid is hurt so badly that even when someone says hi to him in the hall at school he reflexively answers with “sorry.” After last week’s very public forgiveness from Mrs. Loach, a few of the kids are starting to warm up to him. They even ask him to come check out something with them after school. Although it’s set up like a complete tragedy waiting to happen – let’s face it, Eugene has no luck – this is thankfully anything but. They end up watching firecrackers in a tunnel, giving Eugene a moment of actual joy, for once.

But Eugene suspects that the reason Mrs. Loach “forgave” him was less about her desires and more about Custer’s – and he’s not OK with it. He asks Custer to take it back, because it’s “cheating.” Eugene is one of the few people who has an impeccable moral compass, so if he can’t have their respect for real, he’d rather not have it at all. Or maybe he has a lot of faith that people will come around when God wants them to. But when Eugene asks Custer to take it back, to change what he did for him, it’s hard to tell whether it’s Custer’s anger and annoyance at Eugene or the evil side of Genesis that asserts itself. Custer becomes arrogant and aggressive, his anger escalating so much that he tells Eugene, “Go to hell.” And Eugene gets sucked into the ground straight through the floorboards. This is definitely a problem. Wonder how Jesse will be getting him back…

The hour also gives us an unlikely duo – Emily and Tulip. After a couple of threats here and there, and Emily’s futile attempt to match Tulip’s cadence, the two join forces to make sure that Emily’s errands are finished on time while the single mom looks after her sick daughter. But Tulip has a little more on her mind than helping poor Emily with the church chores – she wants to get closer to Custer, and if that means helping out with church wine and candles, so be it.

Alas, she inadvertently runs into Cassidy because, naturally, Cassidy hangs out at the church. They soon put two and two together — Tulip realizes Cassidy is Custer’s friend and Cassidy realizes Tulip is romantically entangled with Jesse. As if the looming threat of Genesis and its consequences weren’t enough, we had to go and throw in a love triangle too. The struggle is real.

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