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‘Preacher’ Recap: Custer Says…

This post contains spoilers for “Preacher,” season 1, episode 5, titled “South Will Rise Again.” To refresh your memory of where we left off, read last week’s “Preacher” recap.

The Cowboy

When we last saw the Cowboy, he was on his way to Ratwater. Once he had acquired the medication he needed, he leaves the town but makes the ill-fated decision to go back to Ratwater and exact righteousness on its horrifying citizens. But his decision has deadly consequences, leaving the poor girl he was meant to help cure out to be eaten by crows. So it’s back to Ratwater for the Cowboy but this time in heavy arms — seems like he’s out for revenge, a common thread in this first season of “Preacher,” for delaying him in his quest to deliver medication.

This week in Annville, Texas…

Cassidy has apparently fallen for Tulip. But Tulip is playing the whole “I have a boyfriend” card, which guessing by her description means Custer. She’s patiently waiting for him to ditch his job but she’s mostly interested in getting back at Carlos. He must have screwed them over badly because she wants to “cut his balls off” and “stab him in the face over and over.” But Cassidy brings up a good point: if Carlos really did take everything from them and this so-called “boyfriend” isn’t on board with exacting revenge, maybe he’s not really the man Tulip thought he was. Tulip begins a sort of affair (or something) with Cassidy, although it almost seems like it’s a revenge relationship, maybe? Again, common thread.

Custer, meanwhile, is enjoying a newfound sense of success. He’s somewhat of a rock star now, given his little conversion with Quincannon. He’s using his powers left and right. Eugene enlists Custer’s help. You see, Eugene is still not done dealing with bullies. His room got vandalized. Red alert — there’s still a shotgun in his room. This clearly ticks off his father and over breakfast Sheriff Root bursts out that maybe he should have finished the job like the taggers said he should. Dude lost all his chill.

So Eugene asks Custer to help his father deal with the situation. But first, they make a little pit stop to see Tracy Loach. Her mother, angered by seeing Eugene, proceeds to beat up the car they showed up in. But Custer orders her around –his powers are in full force — and we finally get a good look at what he can do. He even asks Tracy’s mother to forgive Eugene for what he’s done. And she does! Custer is playing with some delicate situations here; he’s manipulating people to keep the peace, in a way. But where will we see the moral implications of fixing things so easily? It doesn’t seem like Custer has any remorse for what he’s doing, even if goes completely against what others are thinking or feeling. There’s also the added implication that Custer’s power is like a command, but it doesn’t wholly affect a person, it simply isolates one behavior and changes it. More thoughts on this next week.

Quincannon tries to make amends with the Annville Mayor and meet with the Green Acre people — something he had literally pissed on in the past. Donnie, being the old Quincannon right-hand man, is flabbergasted that Quincannon even went to church in the first place. But is it possible that meat-head Donnie could be the first of the people of Annville to catch on to Custer? Looks like it. He claims that Preacher has a power. Question is – how long before others who’ve been messed with start to realize what’s going on? Also, Quincannon hasn’t fully changed –more proof that Custer’s power has deadly consequences.

DeBlanc and Fiore still haven’t picked up the heavenly phone call. “The ‘Hello’ is crucial,” says DeBlanc. They’re like two kid brothers who are practicing what to say when Mom calls them to give them a reprimanding after they’ve done something questionable. When they finally decide to pick up the phone, the ringing stops. They decide to confront Custer, instead of mutilating him, and tell him that they need what’s inside of him. They know he’s been using the power a lot. But what Custer doesn’t understand — although he’s probably questioned it a little — is that this power isn’t a good power. So they need it back in that can it apparently resides in.

Before you leave:

Oh, Emily. Don’t you get it that you and Custer won’t be a thing? Even if you fold his clothes, smile at his messiness and take a big ol’ bathroom stop in his toilet — it ain’t gonna happen.

What did you think of “Preacher” episode 4? Weigh in below.

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