This post contains spoilers for “Preacher,” Season 1, Episode 4, titled “Monster Swamp.” To refresh your memory of where we left off, read last week’s “Preacher” recap.

This week in Annville, Texas…

Paintballing down girls is the local sport, practiced by a group of meat-packing goonies – they’re Odin Quincannon’s men. Think of this as hunting, only more sexist and revolting. But the nighttime activity goes horribly awry when a young girl, after being hit in the chest by a neon green paintball, falls into pit, and proceeds to die of what can only be imagined as excrement asphyxiation. The pit was filled with literal crap. Meat-packers: 1; Scantily-clad ladies (because why not?): 0.

Tulip, being the badass feminist that she is, doesn’t approve of the girl’s untimely demise. Pressure is building and it’s not long before she takes out her frustrations on moaning men at the local whorehouse. Just one problem — she mistakes one of the guys for the paintballing murderer and, instead, beats the living crap out of Cassidy. On the car ride to the hospital, she gives him a kiss — we’ll call it the “kiss of life” — which may or may not have made Cassidy fall in love with Tulip on the spot. Will we get some Cassidy/Custer action soon?

Cassidy tries to explain to Custer about DeBlanc and Fiore showing up to take back what’s inside him. But Custer mistakes this thing for his inner knowledge and the word of the Lord. Cassidy warns him to get away (head to Tijuana if necessary), but Custer has bigger fish to fry. Things have changed since Custer’s dad was Preacher. For one, Custer can’t muster a full congregation. The church is run down and missing all its glory. There is little hope for it.

Custer toys with the idea of a raffle, because $1,000 televisions really get people’s religious juices flowing. But also decides he needs a bigger gesture, so he lands on bringing Quincannon (the town’s most powerful and feared man) to church because people look up to him. In a little devious, and not-so-bright plan, Custer offers Quincannon his father’s land – something Quincannon has always wanted – as long as he listens to the sermon on Sunday. Then Custer tries to make an example of the power of the Lord. “I ask you now,” Custer says, “will you serve God?” Of course, Quincannon refuses, until Custer orders him to serve God. So Quincannon accepts. Is it possible that Custer is starting to control his power? Does anyone sense that this could go terribly wrong?

Cassidy is stringing DeBlanc and Fiore along. It’s pretty clear he isn’t believing their script. They claim to be from Heaven and on the quest of extracting whatever is inside of Custer and putting it back into its “domicile” (by the way, their use of odd language is spectacular). How? By using a chainsaw, which, if you recall, they already attempted and it didn’t go so well. But neither did their next idea, which was luring this “thing” out of him with a lullaby.

Cassidy entertains them, but ultimately asks for payment… which he uses on drugs and hookers while DeBlanc and Fiore wait patiently (if a little naively) for him at the Sundown Motel. But Fiore isn’t incredibly trusting of Cassidy either. He offers to call “them” or their superiors in heaven, and lets them know exactly what’s been going on. That doesn’t sound like it’s going to go well. But before they have a chance to do anything, they get a call from “above,” in a telephone of sorts that looks anything but heavenly. We’ll see if DeBlanc and Fiore pick up that phone call when “Preacher” returns next week.

Before you leave:

We get a little glimpse of Custer’s father. He was a strict man, but it’s clear that Custer is trying to live up to the glory days of his father’s congregation – seems our Preacher has a bit of a conflicted past.

Quincannon gets a little visit from the mayor. By the looks of it, Quincannon is Annville’s ultimate boss. The mayor, in an effort to bring the town out of its slump, met with a “green” agriculture group that could lessen Quincannon’s power over the town. Quincannon doesn’t take this well.

Also, where was “Arseface”? Eugene has been underutilized so far.

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