BBC America has revealed the premiere date for “Orphan Black” Season 4, which will bow Thursday, April 14 at 10 p.m. on the cable network. The Peabody Award-winning clone drama, starring Emmy-nominated actress Tatiana Maslany, previously aired on Saturday nights.

The new season sees Sarah (Maslany) returning home from her Icelandic hideout to track down an elusive new ally tied to deceased clone Beth (Maslany), whose identity Sarah stole in the series’ first episode. With the stakes higher than ever before, Sarah and her sisters band together to uncover the missing chapter of the clone conspiracy – following Beth’s footsteps into a dangerous relationship with a potent enemy who holds the key to their survival.

BBC America also unveiled a new trailer for the series, teasing new characters and a deepening mystery.

The trailer gives another glimpse at new clone MK (Maslany), first introduced in January’s teaser. MK will provide answers to some of the show’s most haunting questions, according to BBC America.

After the conclusion of Season 3, Variety spoke to co-creator John Fawcett, who gave us a hint about the trajectory of Season 4: “I want from Season 4 a vibe of Season 1 again. I want a lot of that paranoia back, and Sarah following a first-person mystery, and a feeling of not knowing where we stand again, and having the audience not know where we stand. When Graeme [Manson, series co-creator,] and I talked about it, it was like, ‘How do we give it a feeling of conclusion after three seasons and now push towards our bigger mystery?’ We just wanted a reset after season three and a big emotional ending.”