In a new Buzzfeed video titled “5 Things That Are Harder Than Registering to Vote,” President Barack Obama attempts to name off all of the “Game of Thrones” characters that have died in the series — with mediocre success.

“All right, you got Ned, Rob, Khal Drogo, Jon — but maybe that doesn’t really count,” said Obama. He even got a little emotional halfway through. “Renly, Summer, Shaggydog and then Hodor, that was sad.”

At least 100 characters from “Game of Thrones” have died, so he rightfully admitted “that stuff’s hard.”

Obama is also seen trying his hand at a handful of other “difficult” tasks including untangling headphones, which he gave up on, playing “operation,” making a friendship bracelet and stacking Cheerios.

The video was done in part to coerce Americans to register to vote for this year’s upcoming election. “I hope you all understand that you have the power to shape our country’s course,” he said. “Don’t take that for granted.”

This isn’t Obama’s first time teaming with Buzzfeed to spread political awareness. Last year, he doodled pictures of Michelle Obama, made funny faces in the mirror and played with a selfie stick in another BuzzFeed video to get citizens to sign up for health insurance through HealthCare.gov.

Before wrapping up for a meeting with his vice president, Obama directed viewers to register to vote at Buzzfeed.Turbovote.org.