Journalists and media personalities took to social media on Thursday to remember legendary “60 Minutes” correspondent Morley Safer, who died today in New York. He was 84.

Anderson Cooper, who was once part of the CBS “60 Minutes” family with Safer, expressed his sadness over the loss of an icon.

He said: “What an incredible life and career #MorleySafer had. From Vietnam to his decades @60Minutes. There was no one else like him.”

Katie Couric, who like Cooper and Morley, was a one-time correspondent for “60 Minutes,” praised the late Safer’s legacy.

Morley Safer was an extraordinary storyteller with a unique and sometimes quirky take on the world. What a legacy,” she tweeted.

“Morley Safer was a master of his craft and set a high bard for all of us in broadcast journalism,” tweeted “NBC Nightly News” host Lester Holt.

Legendary late-night host Larry King remembered the late journalist by saying, “Morley Safer was a good friend. I’m sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful journalist and all-around terrific guy. Rest in peace, Morley.”

“Today” show anchor Matt Lauer gave a piece of advice to burgeoning journalists in his tribute to Safer by tweeting,” Two piece of advice for young broadcast journalists. 1. Watch Morley Safer’s segments. 2. Repeat step one. A true professional/original.”


“RIP – Keeping Morley Safer’s family in our thoughts,” tweeted “E! News” anchor Maria Menounos.

“What What Happens: Live’s” Andy Cohen echoed Cooper’s sentiments, tweeting, “Morley Safer was a legend in broadcasting. Amazing writer. A gentleman. His take on modern art of ’60 Minutes’ was incredible. Irreplaceable.”

Piers Morgan tweeted: “RIP Morley Safer, @CBSNews @60Minutes legend. Great Man, magnificent career.”

NBC’s Michael Bechloss tweeted: “We are sad to report that legendary Morley Safer had died at 84.”

Senator Dianne Feinstein tweeted: “Heartbroken to hear about the passing of Morley Safer. His reporting was second-to-none. I send my deepest sympathies to his family. I fondly remember being interviewed by Morley for this @60 minutes drones segment. He will be greatly missed.”

“Morley Safer has died. A masterful storyteller, inspiration to many of us and a wonderful friend,” said Jeff Fager, executive producer of “60 Minutes.”


The “60 Minutes” family posted the following message to their Twitter account: “Morley was a master storyteller, a gentlemen and a wonderful friend. We miss him already.”

“Morley Safer was a world-class, Hall of Fame level journalist. What a storied career,” tweeted Richard Roeper.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted: “Morley Safer represented best of journalism. With fairness and a dogged NY attitude, he saw it all and loved it all.”

SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris described Safer as “a broadcaster of immeasurable talent and knowledge.”

“He had an uncanny way of explaining a story so that it was clear and relevant to everybody, regardless of age or profession. Phenomenally dedicated to his craft, few people had careers as long, as celebrated or as universally admired as Morley Safer,” she continued.