Now that Megyn Kelly has conquered heavy-hitting interviews with politicians and beltway insiders, she’s setting her sights on Hollywood. Or at least some celebrities will be part of her primetime special that airs May 23 on Fox. Wading into long-form journalism is a potentially game-changing move for the Fox News host of “The Kelly File,” who continues to see her national profile grow — along with ratings (with 2.5 million nightly viewers and counting).

“We’re picking up the baton from someone I admire very much — Barbara Walters, who did these amazing specials for two decades with Bill Geddie,” Kelly said as part of an interview for this week’s Variety Power of Women issue. “He’s my executive producer on this project as well, so he knows the drill.”

While Kelly’s Fox News show is packed with politics nightly, the special will be programmed with A-list guests from pop culture and human interest. Kelly won’t name the list yet, but she’s definitely mulling over movie and reality stars. “I’m excited about it, because it’s unlike anything I do now, and I’m looking to spread my wings,” Kelly said. “The bar is a little higher in some ways and different in other ways. As much as I love Barbara, it’s not going to be a Barbara Walters special. It’s going to be a Megyn Kelly special.”

There will be an autobiographical element too, where Kelly will speak about the public attacks from Donald Trump following the August presidential debate. “You’ll be hearing from me in my own words about what the last year has been like in the eye of the storm,” Kelly said.

Although the show is still a work-in-progress, she’d be open to doing more specials down the line. “Why not Fox?” Kelly asks. “Why not me? We can do this. Is it going to be the perfect iteration of what we’ve seen done by talented professionals over the years? Perhaps not. I hope it’s close. We’re trying to get us on the map.”