Like every journalist, Megyn Kelly has list of dream interviews that she’d like to land. In a story for Variety’s Power of Women issue, the host of Fox News’ “The Kelly File” named some of her ideal gets.

Melania Trump. “I think she’d be a fascinating interview,” Kelly said. “She’s beautiful. She’s an entrepreneur. She could have married this billionaire — I don’t know if he’s a billionaire — and taken it easy, but she was determined to create her own business. I’ve been impressed by her grace, her kindness. I think she speaks well for him. All this controversial stuff that he has said and done, how does she view it? I bet she doesn’t like it. I bet she tells him to stop.”

The president and first lady. “I would love to interview Barack Obama, and I’d love to interview Michelle Obama,” Kelly said. “Have you ever seen her on Fox News? The Obamas are not big fans. I understand that. I still think they should do it. I think they would be able to reach a lot of people they don’t normally reach, and I’d be very fair. What are you going to do — go brass knuckles on the president or the first lady? The office deserves more respect than that. I think you can do a great interview that’s interesting and allow him to say a lot of stuff on a network that he doesn’t love, but maybe he wants to have the final say. Maybe he wants to have the closing message. I would be only too happy to provide him with the forum.”

Hillary Clinton. “She’s surrounded by so many circles, it’s like you can’t get through. I hope she’s not going to govern like this. Am I really that scary? I’m a tough interviewer when it comes to these politicians, for sure. But how can she say she deserves George Washington’s job and not sit with me?”