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Maria Bartiromo Adds Politics to Her Business-News Portfolio

Maria Bartiromo’s name has over the years become synonymous with stocks, earnings and markets. After her trip to the political conventions, she hopes viewers will add politics to the list.

While the Republican and Democratic National Conventions absorb so much national interest over the next two weeks, Bartiromo will continue to host her two regular shows, “Mornings with Maria” on Fox Business Network each weekday morning, and “Sunday Morning Futures,” each Sunday on Fox News Channel. But she will also anchor an hour on FBN in the early evening to offer perspective on the day’s events in both Cleveland and Philadelphia. Her special coverage will air at 6 p.m. each night during the convention.

Focusing on the convention will allow Bartiromo to place more emphasis on those issues that are paramount to both investors and politicos, she said. “What are the issues that are most important to the American people? It’s national security and it’s the economy, it’s jobs,” she noted. “I think the tax plan is very important. People want to know if it’s going to move the needle on economic growth.”

She also feels there’s more reason for the average person to scrutinize the Republican convention more closely. “Oftentimes, these conventions turn out to be just a big rah-rah session. It’s the party celebrating the party,” Bartiromo said. “What is different this time around is there’s so much debate around the economy going on.”

Bartiromo’s presence at the political confabs comes after Fox Business Network has gained more traction in the world of politics. The network hosted two debates among Republican candidates for President, in January and last November, and Bartiromo, who moderated along with Neil Cavuto, benefitted from the broader audience that comes with such coverage. The effect of economic policy and markets on political maneuvers “has been very much what people what to hear and talk about,” Bartiromo said.

She also has her eye on the players who will – or won’t – be showing up this week for presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump in Cleveland. Viewers, she said, “want to see who’s on board and who’s not there. I think that’s also a part of the story.”

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