A quarter century after its debut, “Mad About You” endures as one of TV’s classic romantic comedies. But despite the mania for reunions, revivals and sequels that has spread across the dial, series co-creator and star Paul Reiser has no intention of revisiting the lives of Paul and Jamie Buchman any time soon.

In Reiser’s mind, the question of what the couple, played by Reiser and Helen Hunt, would be doing today was answered in the two-part series finale that aired May 24, 1999, capping a seven-season run on NBC.

“One of the things we did deliberately in the finale was that we jumped ahead in the future. We saw where they went,” Reiser told Variety. “Part of why we did that was to avoid the temptation of going back…When you watch a reunion (show), all you do is say ‘Wow do they look older.’ ”

Reiser at present is a co-star of the 1980s-set Amazon comedy “Red Oaks,” along with his former “Mad About You” trouper Richard Kind. The two took part in Amazon’s Television Critics Association press tour session on Sunday.

“Mad About You” may not be returning to U.S. screens but the show has found new audiences in local language productions overseas thanks to deals made by Sony Pictures TV. The Mandarin-language rendition of the show that bowed in China in January has become a hit in the world’s most populous country. Reiser said he was suitably impressed by rendition dubbed “Wedding Apartment.”

“I don’t speak Chinese but you can tell funny. I can say, ‘OK, that’s a funny guy and that’s a funny couple,’ ” Reiser said. “What’s interesting is to see them actually doing the physical pieces of business — OK, cross over to the refrigerator and say that line and then she goes that way. When you watch it you think ‘Wait a second, we made that up, you can’t steal that.’ But it’s exciting and it’s a very big hit there, which is heartwarming.”