Lifetime has ordered a television movie about the JonBenét Ramsey murder case, “Who Killed JonBenét?”

The cable net announced the project on Wednesday. Production has begun and the movie will air later this fall.

Lifetime’s movie marks the third JonBenét Ramsey television project recently announced, joining CBS’s six-part docuseries and Investigation Discovery’s three-part special.

With the 20 year anniversary of Ramsey’s murder coming up this December, the six-year-old beauty queen’s tragic story has become the new TV trend, following the first half of the year that was consumed with O.J. Simpson.

Ramsey’s infamous 1996 murder remains unsolved, after her body was found in her Colorado home. The story became a global phenomenon and interest in her death has not faded overtime, especially with the recent surge of true-crime television programming.

The TV movie will provide a closer look into what exactly happened the day after Christmas 1996 when Ramsey was found beaten and strangled in the family’s basement. With the addition of recently surfaced information, the film takes a fresh look at the events and the competing theories about the murder.

“Who Killed JonBenét?” stars Eion Bailey (“Band of Brothers”) as Detective Steve Thomas; Michel Gill (“Mr. Robot”) as Ramsey’s father John; and Julia Campbell (“Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion”) as Ramsey’s mother Patsy. Newcomer Payton Lepinski will play Ramsey.

“Who Killed JonBenét?” is produced by EveryWhere Studios and Brightlights. Julia Eisenman, Tom Mazza, Anne Carlucci, Shawn Williamson and Jamie Goehring are executive producers. Jason Lapeyre will direct and Brian L. Ross penned the script.