Community” fans have been holding onto hope that the cult-favorite show could somehow return, even though it seems to have cheated death twice.

After being cancelled by NBC after five seasons, the ensemble comedy was revived by Yahoo Screen for its sixth season. Earlier this year, the streaming service was shut down — effectively shutting down “Community,” too.

When asked Wednesday by reporters if there could be a “Community” movie, star Joel McHale joked, “Yeah! We’re bringing back Yahoo Screen! It’s gonna be great!”

Speaking at CBS’ upfront red carpet where he was present to promote his new comedy series “The Great Indoors,” McHale continued, “I’m sure if somebody funds it, we would love to make a movie. The way Dan [Harmon] has already described it — which I could not agree more with — is it can’t just be a two-hour episode. It has to have a real budget and it has to be probably pretty epic. We need money. Netflix has the money!”

While McHale pitched Netflix in jest — and there are no actual plans to bring back “Community” at this time, as a series or a movie — the funny-man could bring his “Community” cohorts onto his new show.

“Yeah, sure — if they want to,” McHale told Variety when asked if there is a chance any “Community” alums would guest star on “The Great Indoors,” which debuts this fall on CBS. “We all went on ‘Dr. Ken,'” he said of Ken Jeong’s ABC show. “We need to get Donald [Glover] off of his FX show. I’d love to go on his show.”

As for “The Great Indoors,” McHale says it is the perfect post-“Community” project for him.

“I really do like workplace comedies. The script was the one I went, ‘Oh! I think I can do this,'” he told reporters, including Variety. “I always wanted to do a sitcom with an audience and all that, and now I get to.”

Since “Community” ended, McHale has kept busy from ending his run on E!’s “The Soup” late last year to appearing on Fox’s “X-Files” reboot.

“‘The X-Files’ was just a gift from God. There was no way I was going to say no to that because I’m such a massive fan of the show,” McHale said. “I would love to go back. If Chris Carter called today, I would go and leave the upfronts.”