Jimmy Kimmel Live” will really be so in the hours after the third presidential debate on Wednesday, October 19.

The ABC late-night host plans to lead a live broadcast after Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump square off for the last time in a formal debate setting. Guests for that night’s show include actress Gal Gadot, and Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson. Ken Bone, who has come to some notice after asking a question about energy policy in the recent second debate, will serve as a special guest correspondent reporting from Las Vegas.

Kimmel is the latest of TV’s late-night hosts to test new formats as viewers hunger for humorous reaction to the events of this frenzied election cycle. NBC’s Seth Meyers, CBS’ Stephen Colbert and Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah have all led live broadcasts after debates or the recent party conventions. TBS’ Samantha Bee has in recent weeks reworked the schedule of her once-a-week program so that she could weigh in on events within hours or a day or so.

Of the current late-night hosts, only Jimmy Fallon and James Corden have stuck to their regular formats and kept clear of the recent format experiments. Both hosts tend to lead general-entertainment programs that rely more heavily on their personalities and stay away from the news cycle.