Jimmy Kimmel will host White House hopefuls Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders on his show next week. Both candidates will make their third appearance on the show. Trump will be Kimmel’s guest Wednesday, and Sanders will come on Thursday.

Kimmel recently launched his own campaign for Vice President. Kimmel explained he was motivated by patriotism: “I love this country so much, if it was a woman, I would have sex with it.”

Politically-themed entertainment — from skits to candidate interviews — has been late-night staple this election season. Kimmel scored one of his best ratings when Sanders impersonated Larry David impersonating him, on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” And both Kimmel and his competitor Jimmy Fallon saw significant spikes in viewership with Trump as a guest.

Sanders has also accepted Fox News’ offer to a debate on the channel in advance of California’s GOP and Democratic primaries, held on June 7.