Anderson Cooper, Melissa Harris-Perry, Michael Steele and Lara Logan are among the top media personalities who will appear on “Jeopardy’s Power Players Week,” beginning Monday, May 16.

“I try to pretend to be laid back, but I’m actually very competitive, so I hope to destroy my opponents,” said Cooper, host of CNN’s “AC 360.”

“Power Players Week” pits some of the top names in news, politics and media against one another for the opportunity to win big for a charity of their choice. Each day, three contestants will face off with the winner receiving $50,000 and the other two a guaranteed $10,000.

“It’s a huge honor to be invited,” said Kate Bolduan, co-host of CNN’s “At This Hour.” “My co-anchor has played and won jeopardy before so I’m going to see if I can live up to John Berman’s standards at the end of this.”

Sunny Hostin, “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner, comedian Louis C.K., Chuck Todd, S.E. Cupp, author Jonathan Franzen, Johnathan Capehart, Al Franken and Ana Navarro will also compete during the week.

Taped in the nation’s capitol of Washington, D.C., “Power Players Week” brain battles take off every four years during the presidential election, and as with any election year contest, the competition will be fierce.

On Monday, May 16, Todd, Cupp and Franzen will face off; on May 17, it’s Cooper versus Logan versus Steele; on May 18, C.K. takes on Bolduan and Capehart; May 19’s contest features Franken, Navarro and Hostin; and on May 20, Harris-Perry, Gregory and Weiner compete.