James Corden and Denis Leary sang a revised version of Leary’s famous song “A—hole” on Wednesday evening’s episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden” with lyrics directed toward Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“Trump’s an a—hole, he’s an a—hole, what an a—hole,” both Leary and Corden sang.

Dressed up like former President Bill Clinton and current Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the two comedians took the stage to slam Trump’s politically-incorrect policies. American flags censored Leary and Corden’s mouths as they dropped many an a-bomb.

“No matter how bad, how bad we can be, we never said Mexicans are rapists on TV,” also sang the pair.

The bit concludes with Leary and Corden making out and subsequently showered with balloons, an homage to the Clinton’s notoriously comical reaction at the Democratic National Convention.

Leary and Corden’s mock comes after Republican and former Governor of California candidate Meg Whitman denounced Trump’s politics, calling him a “demagogue” before formally endorsing Hillary Clinton for president.

“I’m just a girl fighting for common sense,” Corden also sang. And so say we all.