UPDATED: Amy Schumer’s four-season run of “Inside Amy Schumer” on Comedy Central is not coming to an abrupt end, after all.

The comedian said on Thursday morning that “‘Inside Amy Schumer’ is not cancelled,” but on hiatus for the “foreseeable future” after hinting at the end of the hit sketch series in a cryptic tweet on Wednesday night, amidst the social media firestorm brewing over staff writer Kurt Metzger’s incendiary comments about sexual assault.


The actress said she “couldn’t be happier” with her home at Comedy Central. She’s merely taking a break from the show for at least a year to focus on touring, stand-up, and writing (she just released her book “The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo”). The show will ultimately return for Season 5.

“I didn’t fire Kurt,” she wrote last night, prompting speculation about the show’s demise. “He isn’t a writer for my show because we aren’t making the show anymore. There are no writers for it.” Schumer also retweeted a fan who said she’d miss the show.


The comedy was granted a fifth season renewal in January. Season four just wrapped in June.

Schumer had been criticized for remaining silent as Metzger wrote a series of posts on Facebook and Twitter in response to the Upright Citizens Brigade’s alleged banning of comedian Aaron Glaser, who was accused of sexual assault in a private Facebook group for female comedians. Metzger criticized the UCB for the ban, as well as the actions of the accusers.

She did ultimately tweet that she was “saddened and disappointed” in him, and that she “couldn’t be be more against his recent actions.”

But that didn’t quell the social media demand that she fire him from her show, where he is credited as a writer, including the recent season finale. She then tweeted, “Kurt does not work for me. He is not a writer on my show. Please stop asking me about it. His words are not mine.”