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“For me, things didn’t change too much just because we’ve been working,” Alfred Enoch told Variety the day before “How To Get Away With Murder” returns after nearly a three-month hiatus. “Really, the change has come now because I wrapped [the season] two days ago. So this is a big change for me — my accent is gone. I’m about to go back to England and not going to the studio anymore.”

Speaking in his heavy British accent, Enoch teased the return of ABC’s twisty-turny Shondaland whodunnit, which is finally back after Wes (Enoch) shot Annalise (Viola Davis) in the stomach in November’s midseason finale.

To recap what happened in the last “HTGAWM” episode, Wes shot Annalise after her plan backfired: she pleaded that her law students, the Keating Five, would shoot her in the leg as part of her plan to pin the group’s major wrongdoings on Catherine Hapstall (Amy Okuda), but when they all refused, she yelled out to Wes that Rebecca (Katie Findlay) was dead in an effort to rile him up — and it worked, but not how Annalise expected. Wes ended up shooting to kill and only stopped when Annalise whispered the name Christophe, clearly triggering something deep inside him. (For more of a detailed recap, click here.)

The Christophe mystery is the big question in tonight’s episode and will be a crucial storyline in the back half of Season 2. “That all becomes apparent — the whole Christophe business and how that ties in,” Enoch says. “It all feeds into finding out about the nature of Wes and Annalise’s relationship.”

Here, Enoch tells Variety more about the flashbacks into Wes and Annalise’s past, plus how the Keating Five has changed since Annalise’s shooting.

How is Annalise doing after being shot? Will she be out of commission for some time?

Obviously Annalise was in kind of a critical state. She’s out of the game when we come back so it  creates an issue of how the other characters will go on without her and how that affects the running of the firm. People’s roles change as a result to make up for her absence, and when she gets back, she’s got more pressing things to do than the running of her firm. But as I’ve learned, she’s juggling, as well as all the other characters who are dealing with the different pressures in their lives.

What is Wes’s state when we return? Is he harboring feelings of guilt for shooting Annalise?

Yeah. It’s obviously a difficult situation to be in. He shot her to kill her and there’s still an unresolved issue with Rebecca. He tried to kill someone very deliberately. That’s a heavy state of affairs. And then on top of that, there’s the whole mystery about his past and to what extent Annalise knows about that and what repercussions that has on their relationship.

Wes is already a bit of an outsider with the Keating Five. How do they react to Wes shooting Annalise? 

The interesting thing that people find out is that obviously in the moment when it happened, the only two people in the room were Annalise and Laurel (Karla Souza), so the writers did something interesting and clever with that and managed to create more intrigue and complications. The writers very geniusly found a way to push some characters together and divide others. Obviously, Asher (Matt McGorry) has been brought into the fold so there’s a constant shift with the dynamic of the students.

Yes, so Asher killed Sinclair by driving over her body in the midseason finale, and now he knows everything that the rest of the Keating Five has been hiding. How is he different now?

Over this part of the season, there is an exploration of the consequences for Asher and the strain it puts on him. He killed Sinclair, he lost his father to suicide. He’s in a different space than what we’ve seen before so we see how that changes him and the effect on the internal politics in the group.

In the midseason finale, a flashback was shown with Annalise and Eve (Famke Janssen) looking into an interrogation room at a young boy named Christophe, saying, “What did we do?” Will we find out what that means?

Absolutely. That storyline gets fully explored this season. People will come to understand what Eve is talking about and how it all links together.

In the promo for tonight’s episode, we see that Annalise is holding a baby, whose baby is that?!

Oh yeah, that’s quite good. That will become clear — or rather surprising and confusing. It will become apparent to the audience what’s going on, but it’s an interesting storyline about Annalise and the child in her hands.