Looks like Wes is in a sticky situation.

On this week’s episode of “How To Get Away With Murder,” Nate (Billy Brown) confronts Wes (Alfred Enoch) during an unexpected run-in.

Nate — who is no longer with Annalise (Viola Davis), and is now sleeping with the DA — tells Wes that the police are looking for him.

“How did it go with NYPD? They came to the station looking for you. I overheard your name,” Nate says, to which Wes replies, “It’s fine. My lawyer took care of it.”

On last week’s episode, after the crew thinks that Frank (Charlie Weber) is going to pin Wallace Mahoney’s death on Wes, turns out, Frank actually frames Wallace’s other son — not Wes — for the murder, therefore saving Wes. Though it appeared last week that Wes and everyone is safe, in this clip from Thursday night’s upcoming episode, Nate suggests otherwise. “Just watch your ass,” he warns Wes.

Watch the “How To Get Away With Murder” sneak peek here:

“How To Get Away With Murder” airs on Thursday at 10 p.m. on ABC.