SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead, if you have not watched Season 3, episode 4, of “How To Get Away With Murder,” which aired Thursday, Oct. 13 on ABC.

Each week of “How To Get Away With Murder” this season reveals who will not be killed off in the night of the house fire — but tonight’s “lucky” victim, though alive, winds up in the hospital.

Last week, the flash-forward revealed that aside from the dead body under the sheet, firefighters found an additional body in Annalise’s (Viola Davis) basement, but there’s still a pulse.

Turns out, that person is Laurel (Karla Souza). And she’s pregnant.

Tonight’s flash-forward scenes, which bookend the episode, show someone being rushed from the house fire to the hospital. By episode’s end, none other than Wes’ girlfriend Meggy (Corbin Reid) who works in the hospital, brings in the charts of the unconscious female patient, which reveal that she is pregnant. And that’s when Meggy recognizes Laurel.

Laurel’s surprise pregnancy wasn’t the only cliffhanger. Four weeks earlier, prior to the flash-forward, Laurel is investigating Frank’s whereabouts, now that she has information on his location from her father. He’s in the town of Coalport, PA, and is in disguise as a medical ward janitor named Kevin. After he schmoozes — and has sex with — a female employee who let’s him in the ward, he finds his way into — gasp! — Bonnie’s (Liza Weil) father’s room and kills him.

Back at Annalise’s house — again, weeks before the flash-forward house fire — Bonnie learns of her father’s death and tells Annalise. Laurel, who’s in the house, overhears their conversation and tells Bonnie that she knows it’s Frank who killed her father. Bonnie responds, “Don’t tell Annalise.” (Hence, the name of the episode.)

Here, Matt McGorry — whose character Asher was first chair in tonight’s episode case-of-the-week — talks to Variety about Laurel’s surprise pregnancy, the Keating Five’s fate and more…

Laurel was the person revealed to be alive in tonight’s episode — though that’s complicated! — but back to the night of the fire, we still don’t know Asher’s fate. Is he going to make it out alive?

I don’t think it’s safe to assume that anyone is going to make it out alive. If we know anything about our show and Shondaland shows, we can never really be sure what is going to happen. Honestly, who knows?

So Laurel. She’s pregnant. We know that she’s trying to get in touch with Frank. Is it a good theory to believe that in the four weeks, she met up with him and he’s the father?

I wouldn’t discount any theory. I think it could anyone. Part of what makes the writing so good and interesting is that you never really can guess what’s going to happen. Me, from my personal experience as a viewer and from reading the scripts, is I never try to guess.

Laurel and Wes (Alfred Enoch) have a very unique relationship, and even his girlfriend Meggy has been irritated by how close they are. Is it possible that Laurel and Wes get together and he’s the father?

Yeah, I mean anything is possible. We’re still a number of episodes away and we’ll find out a lot more of these details.

Speaking of relationships, we didn’t see a lot of Asher and Michaela (Aja Naomi King) in tonight’s episode, but let’s talk about them — how would you define their relationship at this point?

Asher’s definition of their relationship is probably different than Michaela’s. Asher believes there’s a real connection there and he really believes that they’re making their way to something very serious. Michaela, I believe, is resisting that with all of her will and understandably so. It’s complicated. I think Michaela is really interested in a truly physical level — or at least that’s what she thinks. I think Asher is trying to fight for his love and his feelings of emotion and caring towards Michaela. It remains to be seen how that will progress.

Bonnie now knows about Asher and Michaela hooking up. In tonight’s episode Asher and Bonnie have to work together on the pro bono case. Are they able to be totally civil with each other now?

At this point, I’m actually pretty impressed — more with Asher because I didn’t expect Bonnie to be immature about it — but I think their relationship has really evolved. We get to see the best of them in this episode, in terms of how they team up and put their feelings aside and really work on being professional on their case and being lawyers, which with their deep history is not an easy task. I think they really do that in a really effective way and it happens to be something that will bring them closer. She’s there for them with the case.

Frank killed Bonnie’s father. Since Frank has been missing, we don’t know why he’s been gone. Was killing Bonnie’s father his mission?

I don’t know that we really know Frank’s main mission. I don’t think even Frank knows his main mission. He’s been in a deep, dark place. I think it’s hard to know. He’s unpredictable in what he will or won’t do at this point.