SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched the second episode of “How to Get Away With Murder” Season 3, which aired Sept. 29 on ABC.

And the first person to not be killed of is… Oliver!

Thursday night’s episode of “How to Get Away With Murder” revealed more of what happened the night of the fire — aka the night when Annalise (Viola Davis) finds her house burning down, while police have a dead body under a sheet on a stretcher. That’s the central mystery of the season, which was set up in last week’s Season 3 premiere, posing the question: whose dead body is under the sheet?

Each week, the flash-forward scenes will reveal who is not under the sheet. “Every episode, you’ll see more of the night of the house fire and you’ll always see more of who is not under that sheet. So you can follow along at home for who is alive,” said show creator Pete Nowalk last week.

Tonight, Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) was the lucky one who will not be killed off.

In the flash-forward, Oliver comes running toward Annalise panicking that he heard someone died in the fire. Annalise tries to calm him down, but pretending that she does not know about the body. Then, she whispers to Oliver that he needs to wipe clean everything off a cellphone, which she secretly hands to him. And at that moment, the police arrest her.

Also in Oliver’s storyline Thursday, the Connor (Jack Falahee) breakup is still very real. In fact, the exes kiss and Connor pleads to get back together, but Oliver says, “If you really want to make me happy then you’ll let me go.”

Here, Ricamora talks to Variety about the house fire and the dead body — plus is there any hope for Oliver and Connor?

Congrats on not being killed off! What was your reaction when you found out you were the first to be alive? 

Thanks! It’s great to be here — although the night is young, so we still don’t know exactly what I was doing there or what will happen for the rest of the night. My reaction wasn’t that dramatic, honestly. This show is so unpredictable and wild that I never feel totally safe — kind of like the character’s experience so I just take it day by day.

Does the cast have any theories about who is under the sheet?

Well, we know at this point who is under the sheet, so we are all kind of dealing with that in our own way and trying to be supportive of one another. It’s a loss and it’s heartbreaking.

I know you can’t tell me who is under that sheet, but is it a major character? Or is it perhaps someone new that we’ll meet this season?

It’s going to be someone who is pivotal to the show, but it will be very unexpected.

Why do you think Annalise lies to Oliver when he says “I heard there’s a body” and she says “don’t let your mind go there yet” — why is she guarding him when she knows there is a dead body?

I think because she doesn’t want him to get more hysterical than he already is. And because she needs his help with the phone.

How is Oliver going to help Annalise with the phone?

She hands him a cellphone and asks him to wipe it clean. I think this is a huge turning point and test for Oliver because this is the most blatant, high pressure, illegal thing she has asked him to do up until now, and I don’t know if he will do it or not. Will he venture more to the dark side or say enough is enough?

Why won’t Oliver get back with Connor? He’s breaking my heart! But really, why does he not think they should be together?

Two things. One: Oliver senses something is off with the relationship. I think he senses Connor’s reaction to the Stanford acceptance combined with so many unanswered questions and shady moments in the past led him to believe that something is off. Even though he can’t put his finger on it, he’s sensing something. Two: Oliver does need time to figure out who he is and what he wants. Before he met Connor he lived a very safe, uneventful, unambitious life. Now he fell in love for the first time, found out he is HIV positive, and has a job and career he finds much more satisfying than he thought he could have. With so many big life changes, he needs to step back and reevaluate his life.

Any hope for them to get back together?

Well, they work together now so they will definitely still be in each other’s lives. A lot. But they have so many big obstacles ahead of them. It looks daunting, but I think that’s why it’s so captivating to watch.

Annalise brings up Laurel’s father. Will we begin to learn more about him next week?

Yup. I’m so excited to see this storyline unfold next week and in the future, mostly because of the way Karla [Souza] played the moment when Annalise told Laurel she has to visit her father — the look on Karla’s face was so loaded! So I’m excited to see what that’s all about.