SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead, if you have not watched the Season 2 finale of “How To Get Away With Murder,” which aired on Thursday, March 17.

The season finale of “How To Get Away with Murder” ended with two major cliffhangers: who shot Wallace (Adam Arkin)? And where in the world is Frank (Charlie Weber)?

Thursday night’s episode brought Annalise’s baby-losing car crash full circle. Turns out, the tragic accident was not an accident — and Frank was behind it. When Frank had just began working with Annalise years ago, he accepted a bribe for a ton of cash from Wallace Mahoney in return for planting a bug with Annalise.

With Annalise knowing Frank’s years-long secret, a heartbroken and betrayed Annalise tells Bonnie (Liza Weil) that Frank must go. Meanwhile, Frank goes missing.

At the end of the episode, Wes (Alfred Enoch) goes to New York City to find his father, Wallace Mahoney, and when he finally comes face-to-face with him, Wallace is shot by a mystery shooter.

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Here, Charlie Weber talks to Variety about Frank’s whereabouts, his broken relationship with Laurel, his even more broken relationship with Annalise — plus, did Frank shoot Wallace?

You’ve been in the dark about Frank’s history as much as the viewers, so what was your reaction to reading the finale script and finally learning Frank’s entire backstory? 
What I do is so character-based. When Frank has to do something horrible — and I don’t necessarily mean murder by that, but just having to wrestle with something on a personal level, like telling Laurel that he killed Lila was a huge thing for me and being responsible for the death of [Annalise and Sam’s] unborn child was devastating — I need time with it and time to let Frank absorb it. Pete [Nowalk, creator] gave me a lot of time and I really appreciated it. This season, he gave me a lot of time with those two big bombshells and it really helped a lot.

Toward the end of the episode, Annalise tells Bonnie something along the lines of Frank has got to go. What does she mean — does she want him killed?
That is up to your interpretation, and ultimately Annalise’s choice. It can interpreted many ways — that Frank can not be around and she wants him out of the house, or that she in fact wants me dead. We’re going to have to see what she manages, but killing Frank is a pretty tall order. But, in her situation, she could have easily meant that because she’s devastated finding out that her loyal subject is responsible for so much pain and misery in her life.

Do you know if there’s a chance you’re going to be killed off the show?
It’s a show about murder so enjoy every sandwich, as they say! On other shows, it would be like this character must go now, but on our show, it’s a whole level of intrigue and now this just opened up a million more doors for what this character can do. It’s really odd. It’s like the worse Frank is, the more character opportunities he gets.

That is a good way to put it. If your theory is true, everyone has done some pretty bad things so it seems everyone should stick around for a while. 
I think our group has become so unique and the relationships are so deep that I think we’re going to go forward for some time. I hope.

Despite what Annalise said to Bonnie, I don’t think Frank could just be gone…right?
No. I mean, no!

So assuming that Annalise won’t have Frank killed, where would their relationship go from here?
He will go wherever he has to. He will consume himself in fixing that relationship. Can they go on as before? Probably not with that information, but I do think that they can go on and that’s why it was important for me to almost sort of die in that moment with Sam. You’re watching this young guy who really, really messed up and he’s devastated to the point where he can never really come back. And he didn’t. He’s a really different sort of person because of this one event that changed the rest of his life.

Both Frank and Bonnie have essentially lived their lives for Annalise, but now that Frank has shamed her, how will Bonnie and Frank’s relationship change?
I don’t know how Bonnie is going to react to Annalise saying Frank needs to go, or how this is all going to unfold. That’s another really intriguing thing — the three of us and our relationship and how that will change shape, but it’s still so thick between the three of us.

Why do you think Frank planted the bug back in the day? 
He was young and stupid and had never had money, and Annalise treated him in a way that he didn’t think this was something that was going to last so he all but thought it was over. He struggled with it but he went ahead and did plant the bug — even with her treating him like that, he still didn’t want to do it and was still hesitant, but against his better judgement, which he didn’t really have, he went ahead and placed the bug and that’s the moment that changed his life forever.

When Laurel was searching for Frank, she was distraught. Does she love him even though they’re not together?
I think that once two people have been through that, there’s always something. I think in an odd way, she feels protective over him, despite what has transpired.

That scene when Laurel is looking for Frank after Caleb is dead in the tub is intense. It looked like he was going to turn up dead. What did you think when you read that scene?
They did a brilliant job setting that up. I knew at the time that I was not dead, but at the time, my heart was racing. I was like, “Oh my god, maybe they lied to me!” It’s intense. You just don’t know what you’re going to see.

Wes finally meets his dad Wallace, and then he’s shot out of nowhere. It seems like it could be Frank who shot him, in order to redeem himself with Annalise — what do you think about that theory?
I think it holds a lot of water. In my mind, I hate to say that I hope, but at the same time, it would definitely play into what I’m saying. This is all just me though — I have no idea what’s up Pete’s sleeve, I have no idea what’s inside his brain for Season 3. For Frank, killing people that Annalise doesn’t like would be a step in the right direction for his redemption. When somebody gets killed, Frank is definitely in the discussion.

Does anyone in the cast no who shot Wallace?
No, no, no. There is one person alive who knows and he hasn’t told us.

If Frank did indeed shoot Wallace, do you think that would help mend his relationship with Annalise?
I think he would hope. I think that would be his intention. It’s impossible to climb inside her mind and where she’s at and what this will take or what he can do.

Do you know anything about Season 3 at all?
No. It just stops for us. You just hit the breaks. We’re right there with the audience right now. There is almost no limit to what we can do next season because of where all these relationships have sort have fallen apart. It’s really, really interesting and I’m really looking forward. I wish we were filming today! I can’t wait to get back to work on the show.

With so many questions answered tonight, it seems like there is a clean slate to go into next season. Do you feel that way?
It’s really cool how it came back around. It’s so much reveal and not just from this season, but throwing you all the way into the pilot. The clean slate, there are endless possibilities. Season 3 is almost this new sort of thing.