GSN has ordered three new original series for the upcoming season, the network announced ahead of its annual upfront presentation Tuesday.

“Skin Wars: Fresh Paint” is a spinoff of the network’s most-watched series, in which three former “Skin Wars” contestants will mentor six new artists each week. These artists are at the top of their game in their own disciplines, but will leave their creative comfort zones to compete in body painting for the first time, attempting to win the $10,000 prize at the end of each show. The eight-episode series will be hosted by RuPaul Charles and feature judges Emma Cammack and Mat Gleason. The series is executive produced by Michael Levitt of Michael Levitt Productions, Jill Goularte, Kate Kenny and Charles.

“Window Warriors,” which also hails from the producers of “Skin Wars,” is a skill-based competition which lifts the curtain on the competitive world of visual merchandising. Contestants will push their creativity to the limits, in the hopes of winning a full-time job and a career-changing contract to design a high profile holiday display at a major department store. The six-episode series is executive produced by Levitt and Goularte.

Hosted by comedian Donald Faison, “Winsanity” is a half-hour game show which will feature a contestant attempting to rank ten compelling and surprising facts in numerical order, from highest to lowest. Every time a contestant is correct and wins a prize, so does a randomly selected portion of the studio audience. However, if a contestant gives a wrong answer at any point, they, and the audience lose everything, and a new contestant takes his or her place and continues the game, trying to win prizes that increase in value with each round. The 40-episode series is executive produced by Barry Poznick of Barracuda Television Productions and Chris Grant of Electus.

The network has also ordered pilots for two concepts under working titles: “Breaking App,” from the producers of “Shark Tank,” features app inventors looking to launch the next great mobile application. Each week, they’ll pitch their app ideas to a group of tech moguls and venture capitalists who’re looking for a piece of the action. The panel, along with the viewers at home, will be able to download and play with the app and decide whether or not it’s a hidden gem amongst the millions of currently available apps. The show is executive produced by Brien Meagher and Rhett Bachner (“Shark Tank”) of B17 Entertainment and Cheri Brownlee of Cheri Sundae Productions.

“The Investigation” is a one-hour crime-solving game, set in a realistic police location with multiple departments. The game is structured and formatted, but fully experiential. Two teams of “Detectives” examine evidence in each Department, in order to put together an ironclad case against the suspect who they believe is the murderer. The goal is to be the first to submit the most accurate pieces of incriminating evidence to the District Attorney. The winning team receives a $10,000 reward. The series is executive produced by Stephen Land and Allison Wallach of Jupiter Entertainment (“Homicide Hunter”).