A familiar face is making her way back to Grey Sloan Memorial.

Tessa Ferrer, who played Leah Murphy on seasons 9-10 of the ABC medical drama, will reprise her role on the current 13th season, Variety has learned.

ABC has not announced how many episodes Ferrer will be in or when she’ll first appear or why she’s coming back to “Grey’s Anatomy” — but last time Leah Murphy was on the show, she was romantically linked to Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), who is now divorced from Callie (Sara Ramirez) who has since moved to New York City.

With Arizona single, will Leah and her reconcile their relationship?

ABC is staying mum on Leah’s storyline, but here’s what we do know: Arizona is getting a new love interest this season.

Last week, Capshaw spoke to Variety, saying, “Absolutely! I think that is absolutely due, and I think that you will see that…Somewhere before the halfway line, I would say. Somewhere leading up to the middle of the season, you will see her spreading her wings and flying a bit.”

When asked if her new love interest will be a new character or a character that viewers already know, with a laugh, Capshaw replied: “I don’t know. I’m not sure.”

Ferrer is repped by APA, Lasher Group and attorney Paul Mayersohn of Suprin, Mayersohn and Coghill.