SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched the Season 13 premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy,” which aired Thursday, Sept. 22 on ABC.

“Grey’s Anatomy” returned Thursday night, and after the entire summer hiatus, the Season 13 premiere picked up right where the show left off — literally on the night of the Season 12 finale at Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia’s (Caterina Scorsone) wedding when meanwhile, Karev (Justin Chambers) punched DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) over a misunderstanding with Jo (Camilla Luddington).

Thursday night’s episode got into the aftermath of that night, and to put it lightly, Karev got himself into some big trouble.

Turns out, Karev violently beat DeLuca because he thought he was pushing himself onto Jo. In actuality, viewers know that DeLuca was just taking care of a drunk Jo, after she revealed to him that she is married to an abusive man whom she cannot divorce — but Karev does not know that, and after Thursday night’s episode, he is still in the dark on that huge secret. DeLuca was brought into the hospital and after going through intense surgery with none of the doctors knowing what happened to him, Karev fessed up to the police, admitting that he’s guilty of beating him up. Karev’s confession came after Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) told Bailey (Chandra Wilson) that she knew Karev punched DeLuca.

In the entire mess of who-attacked-DeLuca, Karev and Jo got into another horrible fight and a distraught Jo tried to leave the hospital for good, since she felt guilty for everything that had transpired.

The episode ended with Karev in jail, not knowing if he’ll ever be able to return to work or even continue with his medical career.

Also in Thursday night’s episode, April (Sarah Drew) was back in the hospital — but in recovery — after having her baby, who she and Jackson named Harriet. Mom and baby are healthy and happy, after last season’s insane C-section, but Catherine (Debbie Allen) is already weaseling her way into the baby’s life, plus Jackson and April’s relationship. In other couple news, Riggs (Martin Henderson) confessed his feelings to Meredith, but she denied him, all to protect her sister Maggie (Kelly McCreary).

Here, Sarah Drew — who plays April — talks to Variety about the Season 13 premiere and what’s next for April and Jackson’s (Jesse Williams) relationship, now that they have a baby…

Now that we’ve been introduced to the baby, how will April and Jackson’s relationship dynamic change going forward?

It’s an interesting journey, certainly, the beginning of parenthood for both of them because they’re not together, they’re not a couple, but they have this little tiny human who is completely bonding them together and is tenderizing every moment for the two of them. They obviously have feelings for each other — those feelings never went away even though they got divorced, so it’s an interesting thing to navigate, it’s confusing and I think they’re being very careful around one another, but they’re also not quite sure who they are to one another at this point.

Will we see more rocky roads for them coming up, or will parenthood bring them closer together — and perhaps allow them to reconcile?

The main thing that I can tease about April and Jackson is just the confusion of what it is moving forward for them as parents, but also as uncoupled parents to a brand new baby. Babies are incredibly demanding on sleep and time and life so it will be interesting to see how they navigate these waters.

How will April adjust to motherhood?

I think we’ll get to see a little bit of the life/work balance that is just so real and so true for anybody who has been working really hard and then goes back to work. We’ll see a big push-and-pull between the two. I think one thing that’s very cool and started right off the bat is she’s coming right into her strength — just her dealing with Catherine in the first episode, I love. She’s like, “I’m not taking your bulls–t. You do not have a say. This is not your baby, this is my baby!” She never really had a chance to tell Catherine off in own her power, so this is a nice moment for her to be like, “Excuse me, I see what you’re doing and that’s not going to fly.”

Will April take maternity leave, or is she heading right back to work?

She’s going to be in recovery for a couple of episodes. It’s going to take her a little while getting back to work, but that’s not necessarily because she wants to be home. I think we’ll see this very, very real push-and-pull that happens when you are a career woman but then you have a child. There is this overwhelming insane love that you have for this baby, but then at the same time, you kind of have this other baby and this passion for the thing that you’re really good at. We’re going to see that struggle play out for her.

Will it be difficult for April to be away from her career?

April just did this extraordinarily powerful thing: have this C-section with no medication on Meredith’s table. Obviously that was a superhero moment for April, but it’s left her in a state of physical helplessness right now. So she owns this power and now she has this baby and she’s in love with this baby, but she can’t do anything because she’s still in recovery and will be for awhile. She has to own her power emotionally the best she can for a while.

Let’s talk about that C-section scene….

Oh jeez! That was awful. It was so awful. I had one point where we did a take and I was shaking so uncontrollably that I got off the table and my knees buckled. I’ve done deep emotional stuff and I love feeling big things, and that’s why I’m an actress — I love emoting in very big ways and I sometimes find it to be extremely cathartic. But going through panic attacks and crazy adrenaline for ten hours straight in one day, it was rough. It did not feel good. But it looked great!

Karev got himself thrown into jail. Should we expect him to come back to work or is he really dunzo?

I can’t tease anything because that’s the big cliffhanger! But I will say that I feel like this season we get a lot of Meredith and Alex bonding and being there for one another in really awesome ways.

How will Jo deal with Karev being in jail and DeLuca being beat up? Will she tell Alex the truth about her marriage secret?

I think that she is incredibly devastated that she created this scenario. Even though it’s not her fault obviously, if she weren’t in the situation she was in, none of this would have happened. It was all this massive misunderstanding, so I think she carries a sense of responsibly. She still obviously loves Alex, but also cares for DeLuca and is horrified by what Alex did to DeLuca — and also horrified that Alex thinks the things that he thinks happened, which are not true. It’s a really rough situation that she’s in.

DeLuca being on the brink of life-or-death seemed to bring back feelings for Maggie. Should we expect them to rekindle the flame?

I don’t think I can answer that. [Laughing]

Speaking of Maggie’s love life, Riggs confessed his feelings for Meredith and she denied him. I don’t believe that she truly doesn’t have feelings for him though — will she regret pushing him away?

I think she’s just in a very complicated situation because clearly she does have feelings for him, but she also loves her sister and doesn’t know what to do. Right now, it’s just a big mess of lies.