“Grey’s Anatomy” goes on hiatus after its midseason finale this Thursday — and that episode is sure to be a game-changer, according to star Kevin McKidd.

McKidd, who plays Owen on the long-running ABC medical drama, will be at the center of the drama in the finale, coming off of a cliffhanger from two weeks ago that left him and his wife Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) in a major fight, after she admitted she does not want kids.

“For Owen, he’s dealing with his worst nightmare,” McKidd tells Variety. “After his [previous] marriage, he found out that Cristina (Sandra Oh) didn’t want kids, and that’s the one thing that Owen has wished and dreamed for — and then Owen fell in love with this woman with this dark past, and now he’s starting to learn that her dark past is maybe going to create the same problem. I’m worried for him. I’m worried for them. I don’t know where it’s going to hit, but obviously it’s a deal-breaker situation.”

The finale — which will feature a very “Grey’s”-esque medical disaster that leaves the doctors scrambling with an overwhelming amount of patients at Grey Sloan — will also touch upon two of the biggest storylines this season: Karev (Justin Chambers) and Richard Webber’s (James Pickens Jr.) fate at the hospital.

“It’s big for Richard. His job is being put into question and that’s very concerning for him,” McKidd explains, adding that his storyline will deepen in the finale, as the doctors begin to realize that Dr. Eliza Minnick (Marika Dominczyk) is at the hospital as a potential replacement for Webber.

“A lot of the doctors start to take sides,” McKidd adds, speaking of Webber and Minnick. “Owen has so much drama in his personal life that he’s not being drawn into it because he’s so focused on what’s happening with Amelia. He has enough problems. But the hospital in general is in a divide — kind of like this country right now.”

McKidd calls the midseason finale “explosive” and “dramatic” and “very intense.”And, of course, there will be many cliffhangers.

“Coupled with all this strife that’s happened in the hospital, and specifically for my character, it’s a pretty tense and dramatic episode,” he says. “I think people are going to love it and it’s going to leave some very pressing questions unanswered…There’s a lot that happens in this episode that shifts the game and changes things for many people in the hospital.”

“Grey’s Anatomy’s” Season 13 midseason finale airs Thursday, Nov. 17 at 8 p.m.