SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched Season 12, episode 23 of “Grey’s Anatomy,” titled “At Last,” which aired on May 12.

The penultimate episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” this season was chock-full of so many big moments, you’d think it was the season finale. That doesn’t come until next week, and Thursday night set up two big cliffhangers for the Season 12 ender.

The episode ended with two proposals — Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) popped the question to Owen (Kevin McKidd), but the scene cut away before his answer was revealed. Alex proposed to Jo (Camilla Luddingtonagain, but her answer was revealed: no.

Alex was left confused over Jo again, but they weren’t the only couple to hit a major bump in the road. After last week’s custody battle in which Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) got full custody over Sofia (Eva Ariel Binder), Callie (Sara Ramirez) broke up with her girlfriend Penny (Samantha Sloyan) because of everything she’s going through with her daughter.

Despite all the breakups, the episode’s most heartbreaking moment came down to Kyle, who’s been portrayed by recurring player Wilmer Valderrama in the latter part of this season. Back in the hospital, Kyle’s body rejected yet another procedure, as Amelia and Jo were operating on him, and he didn’t make alive. Knowing that he was going to die, Amelia told Jo to get Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) out of the gallery, as she was watching her ex-boyfriend’s surgery from up above, but Jo wasn’t able to get to Stephanie who ended up seeing the entire thing.

On the brighter side, “Grey’s” provided viewers with a new hookup for none other than Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). So who’d she hook up with? Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson)!

Here, Luddington tells Variety about Jo’s emotional episode and explains why she rejected Alex’s proposal again.

What was your reaction to reading that Jo rejected Alex’s proposal — again?

I was super shocked. I really was expecting her to say yes. So far, we’ve seen them come closer, especially after she confronted him about Meredith. They seem to be getting along pretty well. Even the gun episode, I was expecting it to be a much bigger argument, but they solved that together. I was gearing up for a yes. I do think that she loves him and I do think she wants to be with him, so why is it a no? You’ll see in the finale a little more clarity because there has to be a reason for her saying no.

Is this the end for them? Can Alex take any more?

I think if you say no to a proposal and someone really does love you and wanted to get married, that usually ends things — especially because he has proposed twice. This is the third time. I always joke [to the writers], “Can I please say yes?” Because Justin is so cute and Alex is so cute and I don’t get it! If I had proposed to someone three times and they said no, I would think maybe something is not right.

What sort of fallout can we expect from this in next week’s finale?

Her saying no sort of makes them do a 180. You see that Alex is super frustrated by it and he’s heartbroken by that. It’s something that does not get glossed over in the finale.

There’s another proposal — Amelia to Owen! Do they have a better chance than Jo and Alex?

I love that she proposed. It’s so perfect for Amelia’s character. I think everyone was surprised because they’ve been so up and down. I thought if any proposal would end in a yes, I thought, “Obviously it will be Alex and Jo.” So to see her say no and then see that relationship solidified was so interesting to me. Plus, who doesn’t love a “Grey’s Anatomy” wedding?

So you can confirm there will be a wedding?

I can confirm that! There will be a wedding in the finale.

How will Kyle’s death affect Jo and Stephanie’s friendship?

I think that Stephanie isn’t irrational in that she knows it isn’t her fault that he died — if there were any sort of blame in that respect, it would be on Amelia. Stephanie is trying to find out as much information about Kyle and she’s being pushed out. Jo is the person who’s giving her as much information that she can. I think that’s something she would need to lean Jo for. Obviously Kyle is dead so Stephanie is heartbroken over that, and Jo ends this episode heartbroken herself in a way, too. Maybe it’s something that will bond them perhaps.

What do you think about Mer hooking up with Nathan?

I’m not sure what that means! But I love it! For me, there was a point where I thought definitely there was a Maggie thing happening. I’m excited for her. I feel like she has been intrigued by him for a long time and I think that we’re all rooting for Meredith to be comfortable with a new person and it hasn’t yet. We saw her in her last experience and she came out of that realizing that she’s not ready. The question that we all have too is, is she now ready? I am geeking out as a fan myself, too.