“Grey’s Anatomy” has hosted its fair share of heart-pounding special episodes over twelve seasons — from a hospital shooting to a bomb-in-body scare — and this week, the ABC medical drama is at it again. When a kid patient goes missing in this Thursday’s episode, the hospital calls Code Pink, putting Grey Sloan Memorial on lockdown.

“I think it’s up there,” says “Grey’s” star Jason George, comparing the episode’s events to other big bombshells in the show’s 11-year history. George’s character, Dr. Ben Warren, gets himself into a compromising situation in the upcoming episode when he makes the decision to operate on a pregnant mother in the middle of the hallway without proper surgical equipment, since he cannot get into the OR during the lockdown.

Though Ben believes he is doing the right thing to save the mother and baby, Chief Bailey (Chandra Wilson) has to determine whether his actions were justified — which is all the more complicated since he’s her husband.

“Ben and Bailey have become that unbreakable couple at Grey Sloan Memorial, so in this world, they’re that stable couple that everybody can count on. This pushes them to the breaking point,” George teases of the couple’s upcoming troubles. “This whole incident will push them to places they’ve never had to go to before.”

Earlier this season, Ben had another faux-pas when he cut a patient open with a clipboard — the patient survived, but Bailey had warned him that had he not survived, there would have been bigger consequences than the three-day suspension he was handed from his wife. But George says that the incidents of this week’s episode are far worse.

“Even when he cut the person open with the clipboard, it still seemed pretty clear that the guy was not going to live without immediate medical assistance, but in this episode, you see Ben put through the worst possible situation and make a call and then possibly deal with the worst possible consequences,” he says.

So, will things get bad enough to break up Ben and Bailey?

“I’ll put it this way: I think there’s no way that your home life and your work life can’t collide in this situation,” George says. “Something is getting derailed.”

“Grey’s Anatomy’s” special episode, centering around Ben and the hospital lockdown, airs Thursday, April 14 at 8 p.m. on ABC.