Meredith was brutally attacked on Thursday night’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” which marked the midseason return for Season 12 of the long-running medical drama.

The 12th season of “Grey’s” — the first without Derek (Patrick Dempsey) after his shocking death — started off with a lighter tone, focusing on Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) newfound life as a single mother.

Tonight’s episode was hardly light with much of the episode focusing on a barely stable Meredith who could not hear or speak after being attacked by a patient. A prolonged scene was shot from Mer’s perspective, demonstrating the pain she, in a different role as a patient, was experiencing. That masterful scene was thanks to Denzel Washington who directed the midseason premiere.

“Denzel’s involvement elevated the creativity of the entire episode,” Pompeo tells Variety, adding that her first reaction to getting attacked was, “Oh, poor Meredith!”

Though Thursday’s episode was rough for Dr. Grey, she will be alright and things will start to look up for the titular character. Meredith will start going to therapy to explore herself in upcoming episodes — and even start dating.

Pompeo stayed mum on Mer’s newfound love life, but she did confirm it’s coming up in “the second half of the season.”

“Grey’s” star Jason George also weighed in on Meredith’s upcoming dating life, joking with Variety on a recent red carpet, “If anyone has seen Ellen Pompeo, I think there are a few guys who’d be getting in line.” With a laugh, he added, “But in the show, it’s been a year or so she’s become a widow so there are some people saying maybe you need to get back on that horse — is that what the kids are saying these days?”