SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not watched the Feb. 25 episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” titled “Unbreak My Heart.”

Heading into Thursday night’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” viewers had an idea that April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson (Jesse Williams) may not make it out of the episode together, as the entire hour was focused on the 12-year course of the troubled couple’s relationship, with flashbacks revealing all of their ups-and-downs.

But viewers probably didn’t expect the shocker that ended the episode: April is pregnant. And Jackson doesn’t know.

Rewind a bit a before the baby bombshell: The duo decided to go through with a divorce. Though April wanted to fight for their marriage (through flashbacks, it was revealed that they’d been going to counseling and sleeping with each other again), Jackson was certain that he wanted to pull the plug, and they ended up signing divorce papers.

“It was so awful. It was not fun to play that scene,” Drew tells Variety. “I was told that I was not allowed to cry throughout the scene at all, and I cried so many times, and had to pull myself together to try to get the lines out. It was not easy. It was pretty devastating. It’s a relationship that’s been developing for so many years, and at the end of the day, those two people still really love each other, and it feels like when two people really love each other, why can’t they just figure it out? But that’s sometimes just how things go and that’s just how life goes.”

Here, Drew tells Variety about April’s surprise pregnancy, when Jackson will find out, and if a baby can change his mind about the divorce.

Why did Jackson and April have to end up signing divorce papers? Was there just no turning back because they weren’t on the same page?

From April’s perspective, she’s fighting like hell to try to keep this marriage together. And in that final scene, she asks, are you sure you want to do this? And he looks at her and he looks away, and she has to pull herself together and sign those papers without falling apart, and it’s awful.

Do you think it’s final or is there any way they call it off and get back together?

I’m not sure they could call off the divorce! But, I don’t think anything is ever final in Shondaland.

How will the divorce shake up April going forward?

The biggest thing that changes her going forward is the fact that she’s pregnant. For her, that new life that’s growing inside of her is sort of her great gift and her great hope and joy in the midst of this pain. She’s not going to let herself wallow in pain because she has this great joy and great gift and great love that she needs to focus on now. That kind of saves her in this moment.

Jackson doesn’t know that April is pregnant. When will he find out?

He does not know, but the end of this episode is not the end of anything. It’s really the beginning of a whole lot of stories that burst out of it in the next eight or nine episodes. When, if and how she tells Jackson is a subject that is going to be explored in the next few episodes.

When Jackson finds out that she is pregnant, will that make him second guess the divorce?

There are all kinds of things that will happen when he finds out that she’s pregnant. That’s all I’m going to say.

Just to be clear, is it safe to assume that Jackson is the father? There’s not another person in the picture that we don’t know about, right?

So here’s the thing: I guess by the end of the episode, I don’t make it clear that it’s Jackson’s baby. I don’t say those words, but I can’t imagine that it’s not. They’ve been sleeping together a bunch because they’ve been going to counseling for like four weeks and they’ve been sleeping together during a lot of the counseling. I can’t imagine April sleeping with Jackson, fighting for her marriage, going to marriage counseling all while sleeping with some other guy.

That doesn’t seem to go along with April’s moral compass…

No — it’s not her moral compass!

Not to be insensitive to April because she’s going through a lot, but will she get another love interest now that she’s getting divorced?

I don’t know. Who knows! Speaking from the perspective of a woman who has been pregnant twice, I’m not really so interested in getting into romantic relationships while pregnant — but that’s just my experience with pregnancy. I don’t know that that’s going to be the first thing on her mind. You know, like, “Hey, date me, I’m about to have another man’s baby!” But I have no idea. Love is always out there for everyone, right?