Just before the news broke that Fox News Channel CEO Roger Ailes is said to be out at the network, former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson tweeted out a video message to her 83,800 followers.

“I want to support all women who have been victims of sexual harassment,” she says in the video. “It’s time for us to come out of the shadows and let our voices be heard. Because it’s so important that we will not be silenced.”

Carlson filed a suit on July 6 alleging Fox News chief Roger Ailes made sexual advances toward her, and her rejection of those advances ended her career at the cable news network. The message’s timing is interesting: Reports have surfaced of fellow Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly also alleging similar sexual advances a decade ago, and Carlson’s Tuesday afternoon missive would seem to be a way for her to indirectly reach out to her former colleagues who have come forth with allegations of their own. The message also comes as the investigation around Ailes seems to be near its conclusion.

Other Fox News personalities have rushed to defend Ailes against the allegations, including Maria Bartiromo, Greta Van Sustren, and Geraldo Rivera.