In news other than the election, former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson is set for “20/20” on November 18, marking her first television interview since the Roger Ailes debacle.

ABC promoted the “20/20” interview for the first time during the network’s election coverage.

The commercial that aired tonight on ABC said, “You’ve heard what everyone else has to say about her. Now, in her first television interview, it’s her turn.”

At this time, ABC has not released the commercial digitally on the network’s website or social platforms.

Carlson famously filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Ailes this summer, ultimately resulting in the Fox News chief resigning from the company. Carlson reportedly received a $20 million settlement an a public apology from Fox News, following the allegations.

While Carlson is heading to TV for the “20/20” interview, Ailes may be heading to television, but in a much different way — the ex Fox News chief is the subject of a series that is currently in development.

Update, Nov. 16: ABC News issued the formal release for Carlson’s “20/20” interview, titled “Crossing Lines: Women and Men at Work,” detailing that the hourlong Friday night special will center around sexual harassment, featuring not just Carlson’s accounts of harassment throughout her own life, but also interviews with other sexual harassment accusers, plus advice from a former HR exec on what to do when faced with that sort of situation. Carlson’s 13-year-old daughter will also appear, discussing why she thinks her mother is a role model for women.

Elizabeth Vargas will anchor the “20/20” report on sexual harassment, interviewing accusers who have faced the problem, while “Good Morning America’s” Amy Robach will sit down with Carlson in her first TV interview.

 “Crossing Lines: Women and Men at Work” airs on “20/20” this Friday, Nov. 18 at 10 p.m.