Jada Pinkett Smith will return to “Gotham” in Season 2, Variety has confirmed.

The actress will appear in a multi-episode arc in the back half of “Gotham’s” sophomore season, although specifics about her exact role and the manner of her return are being kept under wraps.

Smith’s character, Fish Mooney, was last seen toppling to her apparent death into the waters of Gotham harbor during the Season 1 finale, but a character as slippery as Fish should never be counted out, according to showrunner Bruno Heller, who told ComicBook.com during Season 1, “Personally I’m still hoping that Jada will be back. One of the problems of making a show like this is that you need actors who can really be big characters. You either have bigness or you don’t, and Jada is big in spades. She’s done a wonderful job for us and nobody dies forever in the DC Universe, necessarily, so I’m hoping whatever happens at the end of this season that Fish can and will be back.”

There are several potential explanations for Fish’s return to the world of “Gotham,” whether she’s seen in flashbacks, somehow survived the fall (and the gunshot wound) or perhaps didn’t survive at all, given the introduction of the mysterious facility known as Indian Hill. In the midseason finale, a recently deceased Theo Gallivan was brought into the secret lab, prompting one of the technicians to ominously comment, “Professor Strange has high hopes for this one.” If Indian Hill can resurrect a man shot at point-blank range before having an umbrella stuffed down his gullet, fixing Fish should be a cakewalk.

“Gotham” returns on Monday, Feb. 29 at 8 p.m. on Fox.

News of Smith’s return was first reported by Variety‘s sister site TVLine.