With the premiere of the sixth and last season of HBO’s “Girls” now set for Feb. 12, Thanksgiving weekend is a good time to catch up on the groundbreaking Lena Dunham show.

HBONow is streaming all five seasons throughout the holiday weekend, for viewers who could use a refresher course on Hannah’s fraught relationship with Adam in its early days, her doomed trip to Iowa, her dad’s big announcement, and Jessa’s charming and manipulative ups and downs.

The first official teaser for Season 6 was recently released, and it shows the cast in a wistful yet optimistic mood. City girl Hannah is going to try surfing, Jessa and Adam look happy and healthy, Marnie is as annoying as ever, and as Elijah tells Hannah that in her time in Manhattan, at least “You’ve made so many great friendships,” they both knowingly cackle at the irony of it all.

As creator and star Dunham branched out into publishing a memoir, working on other projects and becoming a polarizing figure for her outspoken opinions, “Girls” amassed numerous Emmy nominations, two wins and a Golden Globe for best comedy series. Some critics thought Season 5 was a welcome return to its early form.

When Dunham announced the series would end after Season 6, she said, “I conceived of ‘Girls’ when I was 23 and now I’m nearly 30 — the show has quite perfectly spanned my 20s, the period of time that it’s about — and so it feels like the right time to wrap our story up.”

Watch the final season tease below.